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President Trump Meets With State, Local Officials on School Safety

23 February 2018

Students from Marjory Douglas Stoneman High School visited the Capitol on Wednesday to talk to lawmakers.

Sen. Linda Stewart says she will tack amendments onto every piece of gun legislation that passes through the Florida Senate this session until assault weapons are banned.

Scott on Tuesday said he intends to roll out a legislative package by Friday that would, among other things, require schools to hold active shooter drills, "significantly increase" funding for school safety and mental health, and make it harder for people with a history of mental-health problems, like Cruz, to have guns.

Hours after the meeting, it is now a topic of discussion on different media over a handout that the US President carried during the meeting. While Trump has stressed mental health and school safety measures, he also has indicated some willingness to alter gun laws.

The lesson: If they're trying to tear you down, you're doing a good job.

Black Panther director pens letter of gratitude
And there's a local effort underway to bring hundreds of Newport schoolchildren to see the movie this weekend. The Wakanda nation ( 'Black Panther' enthusiasts) at Rosebank Prestige Cinema.

"What if, however, there was an evidence-based process for temporarily denying a troubled person access to guns?"

"If you had seen me in our school's production of Fiddler on the Roof, you would know that nobody would pay me to act for anything", student Cameron Kasky told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. If you supported us you would have made a change long ago and you would be making a change now. It took a lawsuit led by prominent civil rights lawyer Constance Baker Motley and a court order to reinstate the students in the schools, allowing them to complete the school year and ensuring that seniors would graduate on time.

In the Washington area, high school students from DC.

"I found out that they thought it was me that killed the 17 people", he said.

But the courts eventually threw out the indictments, and the students' persistence persuaded a majority of school board members to reinstate Sal Castro, a teacher fired for his role in leading the student walkout. It has moved them to be more vocal about demanding action to prevent school shootings. Everyone is against mass shootings, he said, and the solution requires a more acute approach. Trump embraced gun rights on his campaign, though he supported some gun control before he became a candidate, backing an assault weapons ban and a longer waiting period to purchase a gun in a 2000 book.

Parkland students rally for gun law reform in Tallahassee Wednesday
The day that Union High School becomes the new headline screaming, "Worst shooting since Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School ". Instead, Scott said he is interested in making it harder for people who are temporarily committed to obtain a gun.

When they got prayers and thoughts from USA lawmakers after a massacre at a Florida high school that left 17 students and teachers dead, thousands of young people turned to the country's largest gun-control advocacy group to learn how to make their voices heard.

"There's something about this one - I think really, honestly, it was about the video and photos and social media posts that the kids made in real time, as it was happening, that just rocked me", said Steve Laredo, a history teacher at Nantucket High School in MA. "It feels nearly like passing a torch". Most students who attended the meetings said the lawmakers were receptive to them.

Ciamacca said González's speech hit home for her AP government students - and for her. You could have helped us when we needed it. "But I want to explain to you why it would not".

The 19-year-old suspect Nikolas Cruz was captured an hour later in a neighborhood about 2 miles (3 kilometers) from the school where 17 people died February 14.

Board Parliamentarian Simone Lightfoot said students are the ones who know their peers best and will be able to alert staff if certain students are considering harming themselves or others.

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The student was taken to the office where they were questioned and searched by the administration and a Madison County School Resource Officer. She just kept saying she was scared, mommy come and get me and I- [INAUDIBLE] yeah, go ahead.

President Trump Meets With State, Local Officials on School Safety