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Florida school shooting: NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch grilled by students

24 February 2018

"This is the time to talk about it. We would have said, this is meaningful", said Rubio.

Numerous survivors have become fierce gun control advocates, and confronted Ms Loesch at a town hall meeting organised by CNN prior to her appearance at CPAC.

More immediately, events like the CNN town hall go a long way in convincing gun owners that gun control advocates do have a desire to confiscate their weapons. "They should have to go through a psychological evaluation and have a doctor or a clinician have to sign their John Hancock and say that person should be given back their Second Amendment right", Israel said.

As Deitsch put it: "Why do we have to speak out to the capitol, why do we have to march on Washington, just to save innocent lives?" He used CNN's Townhall to push for strengthened gun regulations, including expanding the authority of police officers to involuntarily commit individuals and take away their firearms via Florida's Baker Act.

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"Stand Up: The Students of Stoneman Douglas Demand Action", will feature students, parents, politicians and members of the community in a discussion moderated by Jake Tapper. Marco Rubio (R. -Fla.) and Dana Loesch, who was there to represent the National Rifle Association. Rubio broke with President Donald Trump in his response, telling the woman he does not believe teachers should be armed.

Rubio said change can come when people on different sides, who have strong feelings, can agree on a way to make progress. The powerful, laser-focused energy of the students, parents and teachers of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is part of an inspiring awakening of children and families determined to shake America from its national slumber on gun violence. "None of us support people who are insane, who are a danger to themselves, who are a danger to others, getting a firearm". The guy who co-wrote the movie "Geostorm" says he turned down Loesch's "hot young mom" sitcom that "everyone would watch".

Meadow Pollack's father, Andrew Pollack, said he was speaking Wednesday because his daughter couldn't.

On Tuesday, with survivors en route to Tallahassee, legislators rejected a weapons ban. "They want to make sure that people who do that have - that it is controlled in a way that people use them in these kinds of mass shootings or reduce the option for that, and as I said, countries that do that, the example of Japan, have massive reduction in gun violence". "And yet, some people want all of us to disarm", she said.

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The legal age to buy a gun under federal U.S. law is 18.

"Please listen to us. It was pretty chaotic", Loesch said, revealing that she had many awful threats and insults thrown at her. "It's very bad. Barely a week ago, but I really want to have that discussion as to what we can do to stop this in the future".

Guttenberg called on the senator to do something about guns, to work with the people affected by the massacre.

The N.R.A. criticizing the media is nothing new, but some journalists chafed at the idea that they were emotionally untouched by the deaths of children.

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But the senator said a "better answer" than banning assault weapons is to "make sure that risky criminals, people that are deranged can not buy any gun of any kind".

Florida school shooting: NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch grilled by students