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The CDC Says We're Still In The Middle Of Flu Season

24 February 2018

"With one shot they can't fight off the flu", Dr. Jaime Khemraj said.

The percentage of people seeing doctors for flu-related symptoms dropped from 7.4% of all visits last week to 6.4% this week - a rate still well above average rates in the US, but the first noticeable dip of the season, according to CDC data.

In recent flu seasons, the nasal spray - known as FluMist - hasn't been shown to be very effective.

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No new flu-related deaths were confirmed. The CDC director reviews the recommendations made by the ACIP.

"In the past, the vaccine didn't perform as it had promised to avoid influenza". Then they purify the virus, and either weaken it or kill it to make a vaccine. Once exposed to the flu you may be contagious for several days before you become sick and can remain contagious for 5-7 days after you start feeling ill.

The department recommends flu shots for people 6 months and older. However, from January 28 to February 3, the county saw a spike in influenza B cases, with 835 influenza cases during the week and 40 percent of those cases caused by influenza B. This solution includes using a different type of influenza A H1N1 virus in the vaccine. Pharmacies also have flu shots available but do not give flu shots to children younger than seven years of age.

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This phenomenon, "original antigenic sin", is the result of slight year-to-year virus change that are not caught by antibodies produced by the body during vaccinations. Next flu season, you'll be able to get a vaccine without a needle.

"Better understanding why the cell-based vaccine offered better protection against H3N2 this season, when compared to the egg-based vaccine, may offer important clues to help improve the production of a more effective H3N2 vaccine for next season". "Getting the flu shot is the same kind of sensible precaution as buckling your seat belt.

Specifically, this year we are experiencing higher flu-like illness activity in comparison to previous flu seasons, specifically in the areas of emergency department and long-term care facilities", said Dr. Tina Tan, state department of health assistant commissioner and state epidemiologist.

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The CDC Says We're Still In The Middle Of Flu Season