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It's Hard To Imagine How Armed Teachers Might Change Schools

25 February 2018

US President Donald Trump, defending his controversial proposal to arm some of America's teachers, said Friday that a teacher with a gun would have "shot the hell" out of the teenager who went on a shooting rampage last week at a Florida high school.

The president also said he'd look at "age of purchase" - the perpetrator, age 19, was able to legally buy a semi-automatic weapon, butfederal law restricts handgun purchases to those over 21 - and "the mental health aspect".

Amid the grief expressed during President Trump's listening session with school shooting survivors on Wednesday, it was the white placard in his hands that, for some, stood out the most.

The Florida high school where a former student is accused of fatally shooting 17 people with an assault-type rifle is reopening for teachers as the community grapples with revelations that the armed officer on campus did nothing to stop him.

"I really think the NRA wants to do what's right", Trump said.

Educators around the USA are protesting proposals to arm teachers by posting with a hashtag, #ArmMeWith, to ask for more school counselors, books, snacks for hungry students and other things they say schools need rather than guns.

Two other deputies were placed on restricted duty during an investigation to determine if "they could have done more or should have done more" ahead of the shooting, Israel said.

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"Teachers, now (more than ever) is the time to take and stand and say we will not accept another one of our students being lost to another senseless school shooting".

A Twitter user whose profile said she is a Pittsburgh teacher posted a sign promising "to fight for my students and colleagues".

Trump is calling the episode "a real shot to the police department" and says this "could have been prevented".

The NRA was an early supporter of Trump's campaign, and it remains unclear how far the president will go to cross them.

"Armed Educators (and trusted people who work within a school) love our students and will protect them", Trump tweeted Saturday.

Wayne LaPierre, vice president and CEO of the National Rifle Association, said Thursday that reactions like Weingarten's are expected after mass shootings.

Now, teachers need to join the voices of outspoken teens and say, "Hear us, President Trump!"

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The senior then pointed out that Trump himself is in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation . There is nothing that will convince Republicans that gun control needs to happen.

Now, she is helping to ease the fears of IU students who want to be teachers one day.

Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, another Republican, told reporters during a visit to the Kansas Statehouse that he supported raising age limits, saying: "Certainly, nobody under 21 should have an AR-15".

During the discussion, students asked how she felt about arming teachers with guns?

"I think he remained outside for upwards of four minutes", Israel said Thursday in a news conference.

It was one of the deadliest mass shootings in USA history. I would like to see true people with great talent at guns and being adept at guns, of which there's only a percentage of people but whatever that percentage may be it's a substantial number. "If we don't have offensive measures within these schools, you're just kidding yourselves folks", he said.

"The problem is that risky people have very easy access to very unsafe weapons", said Eskelsen Garcia.

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It's Hard To Imagine How Armed Teachers Might Change Schools