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Main » Samsung's official Oreo update notes for the Galaxy S8 are now live

Samsung's official Oreo update notes for the Galaxy S8 are now live

02 March 2018

For buyers who are keen to get their hands on the Galaxy S9 which promises DSLR quality camera with an adjustable aperture, Sprint has some enticing new offers to choose from.

Jennifer Lawrence Watches Beauty and the Beast Before Flying
But this is a movie about deception, double-crosses and maybe even that Tim Horton's specialty, the double-double cross. Thankfully, the Kentucky-native has offered an explanation for her "I will win the staring competition" stance.

Whether you are shoot in daylight or in dark situations, the Dual Aperture lens on the Galaxy S9 adapts to switch between either f/2.4 for sunny conditions or widens to f/1.5 in the dark.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Includes Ideal For-Business Features
Like most Samsung smartphones, you get a Super AMOLED panel which helps in delivering vivid colours and deeper blacks. They both also support Intelligent Scan of the Iris and Face, as well as fingerprint scanning, as security measures.

However, when it comes to the smartphone, most companies have centred their attention around camera and AI in a bid to grab the attention of the social media generation. The fourth rank is conferred to the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

'We encourage students to engage:' IU won't punish potential students for protesting
We have also observed that this response does not reflect any one group's opinion - its focus has been nonpartisan among students. A high school in Houston has warned students that they will be suspendedfor three days if they took part in any protest.

If the Samsung Galaxy S9 truly has the best smartphone display, well ahead of all those great past OLED performers, why not give it an "Extra-excellent A+++"? The iPhone X was previously believed to have the best display, but that was also a Samsung-made unit. Side-by-side, the S8 and S9 devices share the same bright AMOLEDs, phone shape, curved edges, screen sizes, and that Samsung-worthy glass sheen. The former enables better performance in a wide variety of lighting scenarios (important because smartphones have been notoriously bad at taking photos in dark settings). If the publication's testing results line up with other reviews of Samsung's latest flagship cameras, then it's likely that those two devices will end up near or at the top of the list. "The Galaxy S9+ photo score from DxOMark is 104 points - the highest ever photo score from the organization", says Samsung. The SoC was easily destroyed by the A11 Bionic chip that powers Apple's top-of-the-line devices now in the market, namely, iPhone X and iPhone 8. Speaking of AR, Bixby has more AR functionalities that allow it to translate signages or identify the food on the plate by using the camera. The best smartphone camera on the market, in fact, even if it doesn't even go up for pre-order until Friday, March 2.

Samsung's official Oreo update notes for the Galaxy S8 are now live