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Ex-Trump Aide Sam Nunberg Was Unhinged Long Before Today's Meltdown

06 March 2018

"For what?" when asked if he would testify after being subpoenaed as part of Mueller's Russian Federation investigation.

Sam Nunberg to Carter Page on Monday: "Hold my beer".

Nunberg also noted that he would have to spend "80 hours" looking for all the documents Mueller requested: "I shouldn't have to spend that much time, I shouldn't have to go back down to a grand jury". Then Nunberg said he wasn't going to comply.

The all-over-the-place nature of Nunberg's comments have prompted some to wonder whether he was using the media to pre-emptively discredit the Mueller probe, or trying to protect his mentor Roger Stone and colleague Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart executive who was famously burned by the White House over Michael Wolff's book 'Fire and Fury'.

"Let's go after the guy that appears to be having a national meltdown and smell booze on your breath, not me", Hannity said.

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Burnett pressed Nunberg, but he continued to deny drinking before the interview.

But later on, he changed his tune.

Then later in the interview, Nunberg seemed to contradict his original refusal to comply with the Mueller investigation.

Nunberg repeatedly affirmed his dislike of Trump; he told the Post "there is nobody who hates him more than me", and MSNBC that he is "not a fan of Donald Trump".

A source close to the Trump campaign told Fox News that Nunberg was sacked twice "for good reason" and known to be erratic, referring to his media appearances Monday.

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The interview sparked concern online Mr Nunberg appeared under "severe mental distress". That's not how things work in the criminal justice system. Here, he's hung up on why he has to go before a grand jury when he's already been interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Though Nunberg's comments have already raised eyebrows, he has been known to plant false stories in the media. It's routine. Simply ripping up the subpoena is not routine. A few months later, in March 2016, Nunberg endorsed Sen.

That's a more hard task, because prosecutors don't want to be limited in their questioning. In September 1996, a judge ordered her jailed for refusing his order that she answer questions about the Clintons before a grand jury. He can take the Fifth Amendment.

But prosecutors have a trump card, so to speak.

But though Nunberg's emotional outpouring might be seen as the ramblings of someone under intense duress, it had enough hints of where the Russian Federation investigation may be heading to worry the President. Maybe he's not conniving at all, and we should take him at his word that he's just a insane person. He has options, but none of them are particularly good for him.

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Nunberg was ordered to turn over emails and other communications related to Trump and nine other people for Mueller's probe into Russian interference in the 2016 United States election. President Donald Trump, according to Nunberg, was at turns too dumb for Russian President Vladimir Putin to want to collude with and too idiotic to keep himself out of trouble, yet smart enough not to ask women to "come up to his room", referring to Putin's alleged offer to send women to Trump's hotel room in 2013.

Ex-Trump Aide Sam Nunberg Was Unhinged Long Before Today's Meltdown