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The Walking Dead Episode 8.10 Recap: Back Into the Grinder

06 March 2018

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Meanwhile, Aaron and Enid are locked up by the Lakeside ladies, after their attempt to pay them a visit ended up with Enid killing their elder, Natania. Enid takes the hint, but Aaron does not. They leave Alexandria behind. Aaron tells Enid to report back to Maggie what has happened. We last see her, as previously mentioned, eating a bunch of applesauce and perhaps contemplating her next exhibition.

The episode began moments after Rick and Michonne buried Carl, who succumbed to a walker bite and shot himself last week. "Stand Down." Walker Dean is squirming inside killed by Maggie.

This week's episode was split into separate character profiles for Michonne, Negan, Enid, Simon, Jadis, and Rick, though it's not fully clear why these specific names were chosen as highlights - and these characters weren't always the stars of their own sections. Negan sends Simon to bring the Dumpsters back into the fold, with specific instructions not to kill them all. Cindy lets them go. The idea enrages Negan. Once his sole motivation in this otherwise stark existence, Rick is forced to deal with this reality. He still wants to save as many people as possible. Once disarmed, Simon starts to push Jadis. Simon ordered his his troops to kill them all, except, apparently, Jadis. Negan yells at Simon to follow orders. Negan still has a full day of bad news ahead. Jadis begs Rick and Michonne to help her escape the landfill and her zombified people, but Rick just shrugs her off, saying she has nothing left to offer him, anyway. I was just trying to help someone. That's his way of grieving. Simon is angry and wants to go out and kill them all. Michonne also considers his challenge but in a much more compassionate, intellectual way. She doesn't. Instead, Jadis - using the noise from a mini-production of Stomp she puts on - tricks the zombies into falling into an enormous trash-grinder that was conveniently in the middle of the Heap.

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As Jadis cowers atop her trash mound crying fowl about being a misunderstood artist, Rick has no time for such monologues - rejecting her wish to join their cause and firing off pistol rounds so she flees even deeper away into the trash. We understand Jadis isn't the greatest person alive, but his reasoning for leaving her "we don't need her" was the typical Rick attitude that we've come to know - the mindset that Carl was practically begging him to change right before he died. So you're going to choke back whatever sh** is stirring up inside you and remind them that a deal with the Saviors is a lock, stock, suck-my-barrel deal.

Jadis takes a lot of unnecessary abuse this episode.

Cindy sets them free with a warning to never come back. I wanted to ask you... "That kid. that kid was the future".

Negan doesn't like taking lives either, as he's said over and over that he saves people. She's likely to assume Negan ordered the scavengers destruction, even though he didn't. I think you have to be yourself.

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What was nearly sweet was how Negan felt bad about Carl's death.

Then we have The Scavengers, wiped out by the Saviors after having contributed only a few useful moments.

So unless Rick's son shows up lumbering around and hungering for brains and a haircut, then Carl is officially dead.

"I definitely didn't see it coming, but I feel like it doesn't surprise me that Carl would do that, especially with where his character was ending up, and the philosophy that he kind of discovered before his death", Nacon said. Many understandably shudder at the thought of Rick Grimes's demise-but at this point, it's also worth asking what Rick really contributes to the series. This note that Michonne left for Carl is proof of how lazy the writing for TWD has gotten because these are the exact words Michonne told Rick in "Hearts Still Beating".

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The Walking Dead Episode 8.10 Recap: Back Into the Grinder