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Two Minnesota legislators urge Trump to act on DACA

06 March 2018

The Obama-era program which gives protection to over 700,000 Dreamers was given an expiration date by President Trump last September after he announced Congress had six months to find a more permanent and legally sound solution. Their work permits have already begun expiring and are expected to expire at an accelerated pace this year and next. Between June 2014 and March 2017, 884,661 DACA renewal applications were accepted, and 799,077 were approved.

In January, a ruling by U.S. District Judge William Alsup led to a nationwide injunction. "We have to expect the worst decision either in the fall or in the upcoming year and still fight for something permanent", she said. "He has rejected every single one of them", he said. It encourages all parishioners to call their members of Congress and "urge them to support a bipartisan, common-sense, and humane solution" for the 1.8 million Dreamers. Plenty of lawmakers said they wanted to make a deal.

"A lot of people are in limbo", said Jessica Oliva-Calderin, an immigration lawyer with Calderin & Olivia, Dalton, Ga. Under DACA, recipients are able to have a work permit and legal documents, such as a driver's license. Hacking said DHS started deporting those with an expired visa after October 5. "Congress is incapable to pass anything meaningful". The Trump administration has slammed federal courts - particularly in California, where at least two of the DACA rulings have occurred - arguing that activist judges are overreaching.

U.S. District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis in NY later issued a similar ruling.

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This also slowed down the push for Congress to take action.

With a recent decision by the Supreme Court, this decision is in their hands for the time being- after they denied a hearing to challenge the program. Hacking said the Supreme Court did this without any analysis or digging into the merits of the appeal. Remember the Trump administration's travel ban?

"There are going to be thousands of DACA recipients who may be submitting their renewal who are going to fall out of status", said Anu Joshi of the New York Immigration Coalition.

DACA is the immigration plan that gives protections to children brought to the USA illegally by their parents.

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Illegal immigrant "Dreamers" said they staged a sit-in to block the entrance to the Democratic National Committee's offices in Washington on Monday in order to show they blame Democrats as well as Republicans for missing President Trump's March 5 deadline for action. "That's not how Congress works".

But that is only temporary, because no legislation has passed. "They're my peers, they're my friends, they're my classmates, my co-workers and they're hard working individuals", said Rodriguez. They pay taxes, contribute to society and have established careers.

"Stop playing with our lives!" said Lizbeth Huitzil, a young Mexican woman protesting in front of Trump Tower.

"The US is also our home and we love it just as much as our countries of origin".

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"I've learned that I can not rest in a country that wants to spit me out". It doesn't make sense to me'. "Others are driven by greed, we start planting our seeds". "It feels like we're being tossed left and right".

Two Minnesota legislators urge Trump to act on DACA