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US House speaker urges Trump not to impose new tariffs -- spokeswoman

06 March 2018

Trump ignited fears of a trade war and an outcry from major trading partners with his surprise announcement about the steel and aluminum tariffs, and an even broader threat to impose reciprocal tariffs on all imports from countries that impose duties on USA exports.

But Mr Trump pushed back during a White House meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

US President Donald Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminium imports are a "black day" for the world and could hurt the Australian economy, according to BHP Billiton chief executive Andrew Mackenzie.

The threats of a trade war come as the US, Canada and Mexico continue their efforts to renegotiate the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Canada urged to walk away from NAFTA talks over USA steel tariffs
Local steelworkers say their union counterparts in the USA are lobbying on their behalf for a Canadian exception to the tariff. European Union trade chiefs are reportedly considering slapping 25% tariffs on around $3.5bn (£2.5bn) of imports from the US.

Mexico and Canada began negotiating with the August at the initiative of Trump, who's repeatedly said the NAFTA accord led USA companies to fire workers and move factories to Mexico. "The president has been committed and talked about this for many years".

Photo Countries throughout Europe warned that imposing tariffs on imported steel and aluminum could provoke a unsafe global race to the bottom. Trump escalated those fears on Friday by writing on Twitter, "Trade wars are good, and easy to win".

The Texas Republican said he is supportive of the president's quest to strengthen the country's trade deals, but wants to assure the right course of action is taken in achieving their goal. "You'd expect a policy this bad from a leftist administration, not a supposedly Republican one", Sasse said in a statement.

On Monday, Trump stated that Canada would be exempt from tariffs if it entered into a new and "fair" NAFTA deal.

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Those tariffs could be removed for Canada and Mexico if they signed a "new and fair" agreement, he suggested. It has roiled world stockmarkets as investors worry about the prospect for an ever-escalating trade war that would derail global economic growth. A new study from The Trade Partnership, a consulting firm, estimated that the tariffs could cost the U.S. economy 146,000 on net.

Congress could try to attach language to the spending bill due late this month restricting the ability of the administration to impose tariffs, while many Republicans were calling for hearings or urging the administration to limit the extent of the tariffs. Finance Minister Bill Morneau has spoken with Mr. Mnuchin on the matter, and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne spent Sunday and Monday calling US governors and urging them to lobby the White House to spare Canada.

Alternatively, Canada can band together with other nations who have been affected by the tariffs and hold the line and punt until after the Mexican election. Trump said in a tweet.

The European Union has said it is drawing up measures against leading USA brands like Harley-Davidson and Levi's jeans.

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"Understand that all the rhetoric that's being generated about this is being generated by the lobbyists on K Street and the politicians who are fundamentally opposed to what the president wants to do on behalf of the American worker and on behalf of the country", Navarro said.

US House speaker urges Trump not to impose new tariffs -- spokeswoman