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Marvel's Defenders Unlikely For Season 2

08 March 2018

Netflix has finally brought back Jessica Jones Season 2, and it couldn't be too soon.

Sure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a place of aliens, mystical dimensions, and the Hulk, but the Netflix corner of that world is far closer to our own - right down to dismissing Marvel's The Avengers' Battle of NY as "The Incident".

Rachel Taylor as Trish Walker has more screen time this time around than what I remember of her from last season. Of the 13-episode series, only the first five were made available by Netflix for the objective of this review and each one of those was able to keep me interested in the current and excited about the next. The series also explicitly called out Kilgrave's abuse as rape. He woke up in the hospital and had powers that changed him forever. Instead, they need to tell a different story with a different focus.

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"Jessica sets out to find Dr. Kozlov and makes a startling discovery". "That's been really fun, and kinda something I've always wanted to do, and this gave me the flawless excuse".

Trish (Rachael Taylor) is still yearning to be both the hero and the protagonist that Jessica refuses to be. She'll be using her past connections from her "Patsy" days to help with her latest mission: figuring out what IGH is all about. Much of her attitude and paths to addiction were cemented well before her ill-fated attempt at superhero antics and meeting the Purple Man. That's a problem without a one-size-fits-all solution, as well as an area Jessica Jones embraces. There's another early episode murder right outside Jessica's building linking IGH to even more individuals with abilities, and that's when Jess decides to get involved, even if it involves some self-reflection.

As disappointing as it is to know a second season isn't now in the works, it doesn't mean it would never happen.

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The Marvel series stars Krysten Ritter as the titular Jones, a former superhero who starts her own detective agency. She gets lunch with her mother and sits through her drooling over Griffin, because she needs current contact info for "Max", a director she worked with in her youth. Kilgrave burst into the scene with all his cards on the table; a past with Jessica, unparalleled telepathy, and a palpable thirst for violence. There's a new Marvel Netflix show out, which means Chancellor Agard and I are back in the saddle splitting recaps for you (read his premiere recap here). She's also a rape survivor. I for one am excited to see how they hold up. That's the heart of the show, the relationship between Trish and Jessica. "And I did. And I would wear those things like a badge of honor". The result? As squeaky clean as one can get! It makes them a surprising duo.

The first season was released to critical acclaim and all episodes are available on catch-up. Even better, she refuses to apologize for it. It's not long before this person winds up on Jessica's radar and suffers some abuse in kind - predictably righteous results, given what viewers have come to expect from the hero's take-no-prisoners attitude toward this particular breed of scumbag.

The return of Jessica Jones is a welcome reminder, especially if you were chilly on The Defenders for Iron Fist-related reasons, of how great Ritter is at varying the pitch of her perpetually scornful deadpan and how many shadings she gives to the self-destructive streak that is, at times, all-encompassing for Jessica.

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Actress Krysten Ritter made her mark on Hollywood with roles in hit shows like "Veronica Mars" and "Breaking Bad". "We get to the end of season one and Jessica is forced to kill someone", she says.

Marvel's Defenders Unlikely For Season 2