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US-North Korea talks may precede inter-Korean dialogue in April — Seoul

08 March 2018

The leaders of North and South Korea will next month hold a historic summit at the truce village of Panmunjom, said an envoy from the Seoul government following talks in Pyongyang with leader Kim Jong Un.

Trump, who has sent mixed signals on negotiating with North Korea, once admonished his own secretary of State for being willing to talk to North Korea, calling the exercise a "waste of time". "May be false hope, but the ready to go hard in either direction", Trump tweeted.

Gardner noted the new sense of openness on behalf of the North is a result of significant sanctions from the U.S. and allies around the world.

Still Trump would not discuss any preconditions for possible talks, saying: "We're going to see what happens".

North and South Korea have been divided by a heavily fortified demilitarised zone (DMZ) since the Korean War (1950-53) ended with an armistice but no peace treaty.

China advised the Trump administration to abandon its "fantasy" of defeating North Korea's dictator Kim Jong Un with sanctions and insisted that negotiations were the only way to diffuse the nuclear weapons dispute.

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Bolton said Trump inherited a North Korea situation from the Obama administration "with some pretty unattractive options", including the use of U.S. military force to quell the rogue nation's rising nuclear threat.

"It is the consistent and principled position of the DPRK to resolve issues in a diplomatic and peaceful way through dialogue and negotiation", the North's state-run Korean Central News Agency reported Saturday, using a common initialism for North Korea. Anything is possible, especially considering what Kim said, Denmark argued.

Moon's office is expected to hold a media briefing on the outcome of the visit later Tuesday. This was decided in talks between his envoys to Pyongyang and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Maybe as Kim Jong-un sent his sister to South Korea, perhaps he has the intention to send his sister to Washington DC. The new, rather symbolic measures, however, will be in place for at least one year or until further notice.

Moon acknowledged that nothing has been settled regarding the North's abandonment of its nuclear program.

There may have been progress on that front, too.

Chung would not elaborate on Kim's statement on denuclearization, except to say that the North Korean leader said denuclearization of the peninsula was "the dying wish of our forebears", and that that desire remains unchanged.

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In fact, a close look at the North's positions as explained by Chung should add to the skepticism.

If realized, the summit between the countries' leaders would be the third since the Koreas' 1945 division.

The trip also was the first known high-level visit by South Korean officials to the North in about 11 years.

That somewhat thawed the thick ice that had built up over the decades.

The U.S. strategy so far has been convincing the North to trade nuclear power for economic health.

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US-North Korea talks may precede inter-Korean dialogue in April — Seoul