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Download Android P developer preview as Google reveals release schedule

09 March 2018

Google will then start to wrap things up with Developer Preview 5 in late July ready for the final release slightly after this - it could be August, but it has not been pinned down more precisely than Google simply saying Q3.

Android P would also have a standard dialog box user interface for when apps want to verify a user's identity with a fingerprint. This feature will make use of IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol (aka Wi-Fi Round Trip Time) to let the apps measure the distance to a nearby Wi-Fi Access Points and determine the position indoors with an accuracy of 1 to 2 meters. It also means the development of disambiguated voice control feature to respond to voice commands.

The Android P's public preview will be rolled out later this year and the first beta will be released in early May.

How notifications will appear from messaging apps on Android P with option to display images and suggested replies in notifications shade itself.

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What's more is that messaging notifications have been improved.

The new OS would also have built-in support for more video and image codecs, including HDR VP9 Profile 2 and HEIF (heic). The multi-camera API will allow users to stream access two or more physical cameras.

The Android P preview is now available for Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Make sure that you have updated the Google Photos app to the latest version through Google Play.

One of the most futuristic features of the Pixel 2 is making its way to everyone with an Android phone - and soon it will be available on iOS.

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Along with announcing the Android P, Google also announced the details of the phones that support it now.

- New notification system comes with several enhancements, including allowing users to attach images in the quick replies without going into the app. This time is no different as Google has introduced some changes, even if minor ones, to Android P launcher. Android P also continues Android's steady improvements for the Autofill Framework and power efficiency (via Doze, App Standby and Background Limits).

Installation for this first build is limited to those who know how, or are willing to learn, how to manually flash the Android P image.

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Download Android P developer preview as Google reveals release schedule