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Indian American finishes first in Democratic primary in Texas dist

10 March 2018

Three new polls out Wednesday show the Republican Party's much-touted tax reform law remains unpopular with voters, while Democrats have opened up a almost nine-point lead over Republicans on the generic congressional ballot - yet more signs of a potential Democratic wave in the upcoming midterm elections.

Texas is still Texas.

"Does this mean a blue wave is about to wash over TX?" However, the 1,037,779 Democratic voters fell half a million short of the GOP's 1,543,674 votes. That was double the Democratic primary turnout in the last midterm.

When he announced his impending departure, the 13-termer Royce endorsed longtime aide and former Orange County state Assemblywoman Young Kim.

Ross Ramsey, executive editor of the Texas Tribune, joined the Friday Conversation to make sense of this wild week in Texas politics.

NCAA men's basketball conference tournament brackets, scores, schedules for 2018 March Madness
Their historical underdog run started in the ACC Tourney. "We have a long way to go and a long rest of the season", Williams said. I left the Rams off my ballot after a harrowing 30-point home loss to Saint Joe's and a two-point road loss to Davidson.

Democratic Sens. Jon Tester (Mont.), Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Claire McCaskill (Mo.), Joe Donnelly (Ind.), and Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.) all trail a Republican challenger by 13, nine, eight, six, and two percentage points, respectively. The Senate Democrats' historic proposal would invest just over $1 trillion in our country's infrastructure and, they say, create more than 15 million jobs. Sri Preston Kulkarni, 39, received 9,466 votes (nearly 32 per cent), while his fellow Democrat Letitia Plummer got 7,230 votes (24.3 per cent) in the Democratic primary in Texas' 22nd congressional district. That doesn't bode well for O'Rourke.

O'Rourke has not commented on Cruz's choice of name.

Was President Trump a factor in the Texas primary? In the New York Times, an op-ed by Columbia University's Musa al-Gharbi takes note of high GOP turnout in the recent Texas primaries and writes that the 2018 "blue wave narrative" so prevalent among pundits might need some reassessment. She partly staked her candidacy on TV ads that told voters there was little daylight between her and the president, who remains popular among GOP voters despite his rough edges and low approval ratings nationwide.

Trump has appeared to lose support across the country but, in numerous contested Senate seats, his support remains strong. Hoar also pointed to the candidacy of Republican Jessica Gomez in the third district as a reason for optimism. What's more, Texas is more than likely to send two Latinas to Congress.

Even so, Latina Democrats are poised to make history as the state's first Latina members of Congress. Democrats Sylvia Garcia, now a state senator from Houston, and former El Paso County Judge Veronica Escobar won their primaries for open seats that are considered locks in November for their party.

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Landry spent the last four seasons with the Dolphins after the team took him in the second round (63rd overall) in the 2014 draft. Once the season was over rumors began to swirl that the two sides could not come up with a suitable contract.

According to the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association, which represents toll facility owners and operators, Connecticut, Michigan, Wyoming and other states are considering opening new toll roads, and some states already have tolls opening this year.

But the DCCC disingenuously condemned Moser as a "Washington insider", a particularly rich attack considering the source. It tried to undercut her - because it believes she would lose in a general election in a winnable seat in the Houston suburbs - but this, instead, backfired. "That money continues to pull the candidates further and further to the left". Ted Cruz won, versus approximately 1 million in the Democratic primary, won by Rep. Beto O'Rourke. But the energy clearly was not with those candidates Tuesday night in Texas - on both sides.

"The forces of extremism, like Empower Texans ... overplayed their hand, turned voters off and experienced significant losses in the March primaries", said GOP consultant Eric Bearse, who helped Davis and three other candidates win amid an onslaught from Empower and other critics. George P. Bush, the Texas land commissioner, won a contested primary after he cozied up to a president who once called his dad, Jeb, a pathetic person.

Tuesday's primary election sparked a surge of voters, which is unusual in a non-presidential election year.

Nor'easter bears down across the state, bringing heavy snow
The sun angle is higher compared to January and February, and temperatures will rebound into the 40s on Thursday and Friday . To happen, the air layer closer to the ground must be warmer than those above but still cold enough to create snow.

Indian American finishes first in Democratic primary in Texas dist