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'A Wrinkle in Time' director Ava DuVernay praises diversity on set

11 March 2018

Disney's highly-anticipated big-budget adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time hits theaters on March 9, bringing the beloved sci-fi novel to life with a star-studded cast.

That idea - that a parent's love is always present, even when they disappoint you - is one that could have been explored more meaningfully, but DuVernay treats the material too gently to go there. It's not often that we see purely straightforward films that are simply about vanquishing darkness with the light from within us.

DuVernay tweeted a link to Coogler's essay, writing: "When your friend makes you tear up on opening day".

A Wrinkle In Time

I want the audience to know that they can be themselves and they are ideal just the way they are, they shouldn't let anyone tell them any different. However, it seems as if the director forced in some scenes that don't necessarily contribute to the story, hindering their artistry from being completely natural.

I take no pleasure in saying this ... I worked out with my mom a lot, she knew I would have to get my endurance up physically.

MONDELLO: She is in fact a quote machine as played by Mindy Kaling. "Maybe she'll show up in the DVD".

Keep in mind to change your clocks: Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend
Educators lament the fact that daylight saving time means kids are waiting at bus stops or walking to school in the dark. Others see daylight saving time as a moment to check on some household duties that have fallen by the wayside.

Yet, for Reid, it was seeing a director like DuVernay at work, co-starring alongside the likes of Winfrey and Mindy Kaling, having these women as examples to look up to and admire, that inspires her to be someone that other kids can look up to. The kooky, yet sassy Mrs. Whatsit is played by Reese Witherspoon. Which (Oprah Winfrey; The Color Purple) and Mrs. Which, the eldest of the three. She dresses like what I imagine Oprah dresses like around the house. It has the quality you'd expect to see at a rehearsal and not in a movie.

Zach Galifianakis is a disaster as a character named the Happy Medium, and when the devilish Red (Michael Pena) appears, he seems an very bad lot like King's "It" villain Pennywise, even though L'Engle's book precedes King's. Galifianakis got choked up when he spoke about working with DuVernay and his castmates. It's science fiction, so there's no real (or right) answer, but I was more confused than I should have been when the characters walked through a blur in the air and onto another planet.

The first thing that stood out to me in this film was the costuming.

Indian govt's coalition partner pulls out its two federal ministers
While BJP can let go of TDP in Lok Sabha, as it has a clear majority in the Lower House, but it will suffer in Rajya Sabha . The TDP was among the parties opposed to the carving out of Telangana as a separate state out of undivided Andhra Pradesh.

"When it came to a director I knew we had to get someone that could handle the emotional side of it".

His remarks touched on the importance of boys and young men seeing alternate images of masculinity.

The Happy Medium is an usual character - what was unusual about preparing for the role? Fantasy does the necessary work of reminding us that what's in front of us isn't all there is, and that sometimes discovering new possibilities is as easy as changing your perspective. She received wider fame and recognition in 2015 with her historical drama "Selma", which received an Oscar nomination for best picture. That's a cool thing, but it could also feel like a big responsibility. The relationship between brother and sister in this film is one that most parents dream of, and is actually believable.

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"The difference is we have Disney money", Oprah laughingly told the L.A. Watts Times.

'A Wrinkle in Time' director Ava DuVernay praises diversity on set