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Switzerland, Beijing or the DMZ? Search on for Kim-Trump summit site

11 March 2018

The two countries have no diplomatic ties.

Another ex-president, Jimmy Carter, visited in 2010 and returned with another jailed American. Over the decades the north has been developing nuclear weapons and now has reached a stage where it can be considered a nuclear power.

While dialogue between the United States and North Korea is welcome if it leads to an avoidance of a military confrontation, Japan fears being left as the odd man out because it has been among the most vocal proponents of the highest levels of pressure on Pyongyang.

Sanders said the USA has accepted the invitation to talk based on the commitment made by North Korea. They don't think like we do. they don't believe in the quid pro quo, because they believe their position is not just the correct position but that it emanates from the deity - in other words the cult of personality of their leaders. He has reportedly pressed for a massive buildup in the American nuclear arsenal, which already contains too many - 4,000 - warheads... Trump, who has cultivated an image of "deal-making" prowess, appears to be trying to break the impasse through top-level talks. "We know that it has put a tremendous amount of pressure on North Korea", she said.

The White House says the seemingly sudden decision to hold the summit reflects Trump's bold, shoot-from-the-hip style.

As you may have noticed from the timeline above, North Korean nuclear milestones tend to occur around the month of October.

Trump noted in a tweet that North Korea has refrained from such tests since November and said Kim "has promised not to do so through our meetings".

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So, it's a little ironic that this coming October North Korea will go flat broke.

Negotiations with the North Korean regime are "very painstaking and, frankly, painful", said Christopher Hill, who served as USA ambassador to South Korea and assistant secretary of state under President George W. Bush. But I'm very concerned about not falling into a trap with the North Koreans.

Q: What are the North Koreans like as negotiators?

There are about 28,000 USA troops stationed in South Korea, and more would be deployed to the peninsula in the event of war.

"The President will not have the meeting without seeing concrete steps and concrete actions take place by North Korea, so the president will actually be getting something", White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told a news briefing. Reductions in sanctions and an increase in aid could be part of a plan to step down weapons production-although this is the framework of the nuclear agreement with Iran that Trump has lambasted.

War on the Korean Peninsula would be catastrophic. The deputy secretary of state John Sullivan sat in on Thursday's meeting with South Korean officials, where they presented North Korea's message and offer.

Pence said in a statement that the North Koreans are coming to the table even though the US has made no concessions and said that is a testament to Trump's strategy.

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All in exchange for dubious promises to "denuclearize".

Mr Trump's aides have been wary of North Korea's diplomatic overtures because of its history of reneging on global commitments and the failure of efforts on disarmament by previous United States administrations.

Should talks fail, war gets sparked, and North Korea launches a conventional or nuclear strike on the United States or its allies, massive casualties are assured.

Socialism killed a nuclearized Soviet Union in 1991.

China said he met the North Koreans, but gave no details on what was said.

However, Richardson added, "We should make sure we don't fall into a trap set by the North Koreans, who are very good at negotiating deals and then withdrawing".

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Switzerland, Beijing or the DMZ? Search on for Kim-Trump summit site