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Democrat Leads by 6 Points in Pa. Special Election Contest

13 March 2018

President Donald Trump won Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District by close to 20 points in 2016, but Republicans have been bracing for a Democratic upset for several weeks as polls by Monmouth University and other organizations have shown the race teetering back and forth, with Lamb and Saccone alternately shown to have a small lead. Saccone emphasizes that he's a staunch opponent of abortion rights. "That's the kind of thing that young people need to hear, in order to really feel like their personal vote actually counts".

Saccone, has received almost $10.3 million support from super PACs and outside groups, including $3.3 million from the House-aligned super-PAC called the Congressional Leadership Fund and $3.5 million from the official election arm of the House Republican conference.

"You think her life is so easy folks", he said.

Like most local candidates everywhere today, Lamb and Saccone are mere surrogates for national partisan interests rather than advocates for a clearly defined local constituency.

"It's just incredible that both people are running for a [district] that's going to last for a few months and then they've got to run again and not even against each other", Rep.

The bulk of the president's remarks focused more on a reboot of the "Make America Great Again" campaign in a review of what he has done - and will do - in office, such as touting the tax cuts he signed previous year, and talking about his decision to accept talks with North Korea over the country's nuclear program.

The outcome Tuesday will reverberate nationally.

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Candelore said the company had been successful for decades, but that changes in the tax bill prompted management to hire permanent workers when in the past they would have taken on temporary staff.

A 68-year-old retired engineer who described himself as a "John Kasich-Daddy Bush Republican", Bruce Bancroft said he always voted for Murphy, but finds Saccone too strident for the district and an already acrimonious Congress. Saccone certainly hasn't. He calls himself "Trump before Trump was Trump".

Trump sounded like candidate Trump 2016 in slamming Lamb, calling his position phony, that he was "Lamb the sham" and charged he would vote the Democratic line in Congress. A Lamb victory could raise Moulton's profile as a kingmaker within the Democratic Party.

The farther east or west you go from the epicenter of the district map just south of downtown Pittsburgh, the more NRA stickers (both Saccone and Lamb oppose AR-15 and bump stock bans) you are likely to see. "I do not believe, as (Republican House Speaker) Paul Ryan does, that these are entitlements or another form of welfare".

As Democrats rev up their Get Out the Vote machine for Conor Lamb, Democratic nominee for the political dynamite special election in Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district on Tuesday, they are relying heavily on organized labor, which has over 80,000 members in the district, to turn out the vote.

Manley pointed to the string of special elections and governor's races that have gone the way of Democrats in recent months.

The election will fill the vacancy created by the departure of incumbent Republican Tim Murphy. "We will have a 25 percent tariff on foreign steel and a 10 percent tariff on foreign aluminum when the product comes across our borders". "He's a Marine", Kortz said. "He's good with the Second Amendment".

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Republicans have tried to paint Lamb as a lackey for national Democrats who are unpopular in the district.

By contrast, Lamb has avoided making the president a focal point of his campaign.

State Rep. Greg Rothman serves with Sacconne in the Pennsylvania legislature and worked on the team that helped Trump win in the state.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's conservative editorial board added its own interpretation Sunday. Neither Lamb nor Saccone has made the ongoing Russian Federation investigation bedeviling Trump part of his pitch, but the paper insisted the country must not "dive into so great a distraction". The avid pro-lifer, who was popular with the district's churchgoers, was compelled to resign a year ago after revelations that he asked a woman half his age to abort their unborn child. "And I'm the person with the experience and the record of doing that".

A Republican victory won't deliver instant relief to the party.

Saccone re-enforced why voters should back him.

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Democrat Leads by 6 Points in Pa. Special Election Contest