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OJ Simpson seems to 'hypothetically' confess to murder in unseen TV footage

13 March 2018

There was no shortage of speculation about Charlie's identity on social media, with some suggesting Charlie was simply a name for Simpson's own alter ego, and others wondering whether it was a pseudonym for his son Jason.

Levin explains, "He confessed". Around that time, HarperCollins' ReganBooks was set to release If I Did It, a hypothetical account of the June 12 murders told by Simpson.

Simpson is asked to speculate about "what might have happened", as Regan couches it, on the night of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman in 1994.

"I and Charlie drove to Nicole's with a cap, gloves and a knife under the seat and parked in the alley". He then said "this guy" gets into a Karate position, presumably talking about Goldman. Simpson details a "hypothetical" explanation for the killings. In his "hypothetical" story, it was his glove, not something planted by police. He says Simpson has always maintained his innocence, and that Simpson only agreed to the book deal as a way to make money. The panel was moderated by Soledad O'Brien, formerly of CNN. Based on what Simpson said, the argument could be made that he was there, having been handed a knife, and in his words, lost time and recollection of what was happening. More than 10 years later, Fox turned to it again thanks to renewed public interest in the Simpson case.

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"I don't think two people could be murdered the way they were without everybody being covered in blood", he said.

The next thing Simpson said he remembered was "standing there and there's all kinds of stuff around" - meaning blood. Simpson doesn't clarify what Charlie said was going on, but we can guess that it had to do with Goldman being at Nicole's home.

Fox's broadcast of the long-lost interview of O.J. Simpson coincides with the anniversary of the last episode of The Simpsons, "Last Exit to Springfield".

The program, which featured material from a 12-year-old interview with Simpson that the network had not aired before, attracted 4.4 million viewers.

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He then laughed and said "I hate to say this, but this is hypothetical".

All the while, as O.J. described the murders and what he did the night they were committed, he frequently forgot the "if" angle, although he did add the presence of a friend he called "Charlie" that sounded more like a voice in his head.

"I just remember listening to the radio, which, I think it was Dan Rather, it really saved my life", Simpson said. He subsequently said, "I don't think any two people could have been murdered the way they were without everything being covered in blood".

Regan told CNN on Monday that she found the interview "incredibly disturbing".

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Speaking of New Years Eve 1989, where a row over alleged infidelity spilled over into violence he said: 'She got physical with me, I got physical with her.

OJ Simpson seems to 'hypothetically' confess to murder in unseen TV footage