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'The mind of God': top quotes from Stephen Hawking

15 March 2018

News broke early on Wednesday that famed physicist Stephen Hawking had passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Sally Light, chief executive of the MND Association, said: "All of us at the MND Association have been extremely saddened by the news of Professor Hawking's passing". He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years.

At the age of 22, Hawking was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, a motor neuron disorder that causes the loss of control of muscle movement which leaves sufferers eventually bereft of their ability to walk, eat, speak, and in the end, breathe.

Stephen Hawking was a brilliant cosmologist, who inspired generations around the world, making some of the most complicated physics of our time accessible to the masses, NASA said in honour of the space agency's "long time friend".

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Mr Rose said: "For Professor Hawking, we started off with the standard measures and then worked with him and his assistant to customise the fit and positioning for him".

Mr Satterfield said: "I was a little starstruck when I met him". According to Matt Selman, a writer for The Simpsons, Hawking enjoyed his cameos on the animated sitcom so much that for "a couple of years" he would turn up to rehearsals just to watch the cast run through their lines.

One added: "Neymar there with his broken toe and sprained ankle, attempting to draw a comparison to Stephen Hawking, who had debilitating ALS for over 50 years".

He remembers seeing Hawking at the University of Minnesota in 1989 and remarked at how deeply he thought and spoke.

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In an interview in 2011, Hawking said he's unafraid to die.

Using his position as one of the world's most famous scientists, Hawking discussed and spoke about a wide range of issues from the existence of extraterrestrial life to the nature of philosophy.

"When I was an undergrad studying physics, one of the first professional papers I read was his "The Wave Function of the Universe", said Dr. Brian J. Buerke, associate professor of physics and department chairman at Albright College, 1621 N. 13th St.

The British physicist was also the subject of the 2014 film "The Theory Of Everything", which starred British actors Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones respectively.

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Richard Green, of the Motor Neurone Disease Association - the British name for ALS - said Hawking met the classic definition of the disease, as "the ideal mind trapped in an imperfect body".

'The mind of God': top quotes from Stephen Hawking