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Android Wear renamed Wear OS

16 March 2018

Samsung has also started focusing on Tizen-based smartwatches. Android Wear hasn't been much of a focus at Google in recent years.

As per some reports from Beebom Google has announced the Wear OS on its website. Oh, if only the name was all that needed fixing.

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Meanwhile, Google has updated the companion app with the new branding and a slight redesign. The new name removes the "Android" tag in acknowledgement that iPhone users don't need to buy an Apple Watch to go with their iPhone. The fault also partially lies with manufacturers, who have been shying away from releasing new devices into the market. That's the most shocking part about the re-branding. The change in name of the brand is mainly because, these wearable devices are not just by Android users but by iPhone users as well. With the use of sight, sound, and motion, the ads will potentially attract and target more people to try a particular app or game. Both Android Wear (now Wear OS), and Google Pay were updated in the last two days, but so was Google Play Services. There's a Play Store client on the watch, and notification settings are completely separate from the phone. It's the most popular smartwatch around. Doing anything complex on a tiny watch screen is tedious and unnecessary. Well, this could be one of the reasons for rebranding, as Google would want Android Wear...

The new measures it has put in place have had a big impact on the overall integrity of the platform, the company said.

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Google launched its watches a year ago with a software update and added some fitness smarts and phone functions. No other company sells smartwatch SoCs to device makers. Motorola, Asus, Sony, and others have officially stepped back from Wear OS. In 2017, Verified Boot, which already prevented devices from booting up with tampered software, was updated with rollback protection to prevent someone from returning to an old image that is vulnerable to attack. It's basically carrying Wear OS right now. Wear OS also has a new slogan: "Make every minute matter". The best thing that may happen would be a Google-made smartwatch showcasing Wear OS. However, looks like Google may reveal more information about the future ambitions that it aims to achieve with Wear OS at its I/O conference in early May. We'll have to see if the new name brings new productions at Google I/O 2018, which is just a few months away.

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Android Wear renamed Wear OS