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Pencil in Pa. election victor, but soon erase the district?

16 March 2018

President Donald Trump downplayed Democrat Conor Lamb's stunning upset in Pennsylvania's special House election Tuesday, by pointing out that redistricting will eliminate his seat.

The first candidate to make Republicans in the district nervous in almost 15 years, Lamb, 33, is new to politics, though his family isn't.

According to the Pennsylvania election code, county election officials will meet three days after the election, on Friday, to begin reviewing the votes cast on election day and any provisional ballots.

Pennsylvania provides no mechanism for parties or candidates to directly request a recount in this kind of election.

And Lamb's party swiftly proclaimed that Trump and his Republicans could face a political reckoning this year - with control of Congress up for grabs. This person spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal planning.

Lechman says she has not heard any complaints from the Saccone campaign or Republican officials about voting or counting in Westmoreland. The 17th, a Republican-leaning district now, becomes more competitive with the new map, drawing in more Democratic voters.

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Democrats exulted in the remarkable performance by one of their own in a race that has taken on national implications, insisting that their unexpectedly strong showing in Trump country - unthinkable a year ago - bodes well for them ahead of November's midterm elections. That means just 10 guaranteed months in office for Lamb or Saccone, to complete the term of GOP Rep. Tim Murphy. Saccone, a 60-year-old Air Force veteran turned state lawmaker and college instructor, hasn't conceded.

"We were not going to let Bethel Park residents vote for Republicans", said Raymer.

That, however, would presumably be caught when the counties, under state law, perform an audit of the results on the electronic voting machines, beginning Friday. They did not. Now the campaign is filing suit in the Court of Common Pleas in each county to ensure that these ballots/machines are impounded to prevent them from being altered in any way in preparation for a likely recount. Moulton said those differences are healthy with a party.

Rush Limbaugh sees Conor Lamb's apparent success as a warning for the leftist leadership of the Democratic Party.

There are somewhere north of 110 House districts that Trump won by a smaller margin than he did Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, and another 23 GOP-held districts that Clinton won in 2016. His uncle is Pittsburgh Controller Michael Lamb; and his grandfather Thomas Lamb was a state representative, the Democratic majority leader in the state Senate in the 1970s and secretary of legislative affairs for Gov. Robert Casey.

Lamb asserted his independence from national Democratic leaders and played down his opposition to Trump. "There are more than 60 candidates running for Congress in our targeted battlefield who are veterans, national security experts, Central Intelligence Agency officers, job-creators and trusted elected leaders", House Democrats' committee wrote in a post-election memo that doubled as fundraising message. "We had an interesting time because we lifted [Saccone] seven points up".

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For one thing, Trump's presidency has done precisely nothing to meaningfully help the "forgotten men and women" he vowed to fight for, as Greg Sargent demonstrates.

Even a narrow Lamb win would signal that the GOP is in danger even in districts considered safe for Republicans, raising Democratic hopes of capturing the House and maybe the Senate in November.

Lamb's victory is somewhat symbolic.

Now, here comes the sobering part for Democrats: One big difference between these recent special elections and the ones this fall is that the specials were all open seats.

Photo Supporters of Conor Lamb, a Democrat, reacted to the results coming in during the special election in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional district on Tuesday.

Neither Saccone nor Lamb lives in that district, but Saccone is planning to run there since, under the new boundaries, Saccone's home is in a Pittsburgh-based district that is heavily Democratic and home to longtime Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle.

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Pencil in Pa. election victor, but soon erase the district?