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Snow day gets in way of gun violence observance at local schools

16 March 2018

Students from across the Pittsburgh region and the nation participated in the walkout that lasted one minute for each victim of the February 14 Parkland, Florida, shooting rampage in which 17 were killed.

"I have challenged them to make walking up to people a pattern and continue it throughout the rest of the year, not just today", Edkins said.

According to THS Principal Phil Knapp, about 50 to 60 students participated in the walkout on a cold, snowy Wednesday morning.

GERETY: That's where the school hoped to keep the walkout contained - a 17-minute remembrance for the 17 victims. "I told the students over the PA system after the protest that if they don't do anything after those 17 minutes they aren't making an impact".

While standing outside in solidarity with the students, she thought of the many lives lost and the grieving parents.

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One by one, 17 St. Bonaventure students and staff members came to a microphone, each presenting a brief biographical sketch of one of the Parkland victims.

While the common goal shared by most of Wednesday's protesters was to pressure federal and state lawmakers to tighten laws on gun ownership, Reuters also sought alternative opinions on gun control. "It's very sad what happened but I also believe in the second amendment", Welch said.

"We're using our collective voices to influence change in our community on a local level and maybe even a national level", said senior Sophia Allred, 17, a liaison for the Student Senate and president of the school's Student Peace Organization.

"I just want people to care more about the lives of others, and realize that everything has an effect, whether it's big or small", she said. "Our government runs the risk of no longer being for the people or by the people when we allow outside groups like the NRA to have such an enormous influence". "I think the message should be: We don't want to take away guns; we want to take guns away from insane people".

One month on from the Florida school shootings, USA students stepped up their gun control campaign on Wednesday.

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Classroom instruction continued during the protests, which were supervised by administrators.

The images from Antioch High School showed a stark contrast to peaceful school walk-outs around the country.

The Lake Linden-Hubbell Public Schools District took a neutral position on the issue, said Superintendent Craig Sundblad. In a few minutes, we'll hear about the impact of student protests throughout history.

"We have to support some of the kids in Florida", seventh-grader Travion Young said.

At Case Elementary School in Akron, Ohio, a group of fifth-graders were organizing a walkout with the help of teachers after seeing parallels in a video they watched about youth marches for civil rights in 1963. "We will NOT stop till every living thing on the campus is dead", the student wrote. "That's what we're going to look at when we're monitoring this".

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Snow day gets in way of gun violence observance at local schools