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Facebook to End Targeted Ads Built with Third-Party Data Mining

29 March 2018

Sorry (not sorry) to keep harping on about it, but Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal forced the wider public think to about what we should share with the platform.

"No of course not", he said when asked if Facebook would ever sell user data. When they saw that wasn't going to fly, Mark Zuckerberg personally attempted a quasi-apology admitting responsibility for the fiasco.

The third step lets you delete apps that are now connected to your Facebook account.

Pointing that Facebook now has its "largest footprint in India in terms of its user base", the government has further asked as to what proactive measures are being taken to ensure the safety, security and privacy of such large user data and to prevent its misuse by any third party.

Beijing envoy says Kim Jong Un's China visit will help toward denuclearization
The efforts of Moon Jae-in bore fruit when Kim Jong-un finally agreed to attend a summit with Donald Trump . The North's delegation is led by Ri Son Gwon, chairman of an agency that deals with inter-Korean affairs.

Facebook has announced new controls, privacy shortcuts, and tools to delete Facebook data but said these were in the works before the Cambridge Analytica scandal exploded.

"We believe this step, winding down over the next six months, will help improve people's privacy on Facebook", Graham Mudd, Facebook product marketing director, said in a statement about the change in policy on data brokers on Wednesday.

The settings menus should be redesigned.

The so-called bug bounty program is created to incentivize researchers to report security vulnerabilities on Facebook or any of its sister platforms so that the company can correct them. The company also made it easier to understand how these different controls work. The new page consolidates 20 separate screens down to a single page and ditched some outdated settings. Among the controls you should have: add things like two-factor authentication to login, review and delete personal info, manage information Facebook uses to show ads, and manage who sees your posts and profile info.

Four-day school week?
School Board President Barb Clementi voted against the measure. "I think those are the big points we are going to make", he said. Beginning in the next school year, students in a Colorado district may only be attending class four days a week instead of five.

"Every New Zealander has the right to find out what information an agency holds about them".

Facebook is also giving you tools like Access Your Information where you can see what you've posted, reactions, comments, and even things you've searched for. It will be a one-stop shop for eliminating anything from your timeline or profile. The company will also inform people when apps are removed due to data misuse, he said.

It has also reworked its app so people can see more clearly what personal information advertisers have access to and how to cut down the levels of data given over. That's where people can go to delete information or download a copy.

Uber won't renew California license to test AVs
In 2016, Uber made a decision to shift from using Ford Fusion cars to Volvo XC90s for its self-driving auto program. Google's former self-driving vehicle project, Waymo, only required human intervention for every 5,600 miles.

Facebook to End Targeted Ads Built with Third-Party Data Mining