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Editorial Exchange: American youth are rewriting the gun control debate

30 March 2018

Christina Martin, a 17-year-old who lost two schoolmates to gun violence this year at Thurgood Marshall Academy in Washington, noted that the victims in the affluent Parkland community were mostly white and Latino. Adults created, perpetuated and continue to perpetuate the gun violence issue.

Kids are smarter today than when I went to high school.

Now, in the days of ALICE drills, our preschool teachers are tasked with the responsibility of teaching 3-, 4- and 5-year-old children with cognitive disabilities the life skill of how to decide whether to hide or run away if someone is being risky with guns.

The speeches and messages put forth Saturday during March for Our Lives events locally and nationally were moving, compelling and logical. The CDC noted one study of defensive gun users who believe that but for their own firearm they would have been killed.

To honor the 17 victims of the February shooting, one of the speakers read out their names: "Alyssa Alhadeff, Scott Beigel, Nicholas Dworet, Jaime Guttenberg". Throughout the event, there were workers registering people to vote. Some trailed off while others returned to Union Park, as scheduled by organizers.

Malala Yousafzai returns to Pakistan for first time since Taliban shooting
Covering her tear-filled eyes with her hands, Yousafzai said it was hard to wait for more than five years to return home. She said her focus was on education in Pakistan , adding that it was necessary to empower females through education.

Organizers and participants are appealing to local, state and federal politicians to work together to find a solution to gun violence in the aftermath of the February 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., in which 17 people were killed.

It seems, one student said during the breakout session, that no one really cares about the steady devastation that gun violence causes each day in Philadelphia.

Why, the 12-year-old wondered, if the city of Philadelphia can't legally make laws to curb access to guns, then "why doesn't the federal government do it?" Most gun deaths result from everyday violence in urban areas, domestic violence, and suicide - areas ripe for coverage and investigative reporting.

McQueen's teacher, Nancy Zook, stood in the front row to support her student.

"It's time this crap stopped", said John Bryce.

Apologetic Warner takes responsibility for role in ball-tampering controversy
I love the game of cricket and playing for my nation, my state. "I'm sorry and I'm absolutely devastated", a tearful Smith said. Also on Thursday afternoon, it was confirmed that the Commonwealth Bank had dropped Smith as a brand ambassador.

A student at New Foundations Charter School in Northeast Philadelphia, she said she's scared, afraid to go to school. Would it be unreasonable to ask gun control zealots to provide the number of these unfortunate individuals who they suspect are out there purchasing guns? "I should not have to go to school and be afraid to go to school [and] be afraid that I am going to be shot by somebody".

One large argument I see coming out of the pro-gun demographic is that law-abiding gun-carrying citizens shouldn't have to lose their right to own firearms, and this is where I feel one of the biggest misunderstandings arises from.

"For far too long, these Black girls and women have been just numbers", said Wadler, a fifth grader who organized a walkout at her elementary school in Alexandria, Va., earlier this month. It was inspiring, and these young people were incredible both in what they had to say and in how they delivered it, in how compentent and smart they are. "It resonates with me", Amato said. People weren't concerned about things like this. Lawmakers should listen to the hundreds of thousands of students across the country who are fed up and should start taking meaningful policy measures to address gun violence. Helene Duta, 34, was a student at Northern Illinois University (NIU) in 2008 when a shooter opened fire. "There is no greater motivation than outrage at seeing students that could be you and your friends being killed over and over again".

"We can not have a civil society without reasonable gun safety laws", Harris said.

"After a shooting, your sense of security is just blasted", Duta said. Shootings have taken place in many different settings: churches, an LGBT+ nightclub, schools. Duta said the aftermath of a tragedy is unlike anything else. There were cheers, but they weren't like the wild screams you'd hear at an Ariana Grande concert. "Everybody got together, it was like one giant group hug". "From that point forward I wanted a gun for self-protection", she said; after the second crime, a carjacking, the criminal who stole her wallet, with all her ID, stalked and terrorized her. "We march for those in Parkland who didn't' survive".

Russia holds funerals for mall fire victims
According to President Vladimir Putin's decree, Russian Federation observed a day of national mourning on March 28. Russian state television showed footage from inside the charred movie theater where the roof entirely collapsed.

I've known gun violence.

Editorial Exchange: American youth are rewriting the gun control debate