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Oklahoma teachers walk out for 2nd day over for higher pay, funding

05 April 2018

These low salaries are coupled with the fact that public school funding has taken a sharp hit in the past 10 years as more and more states slash budgets.

"I think the Republican strategy is to wait the teachers out", Walke said.

But many argue those increases are just a drop in the bucket.

Despite many people's impression that teacher strikes are exclusively about pay raises, teachers throughout the country say it's about more than that; they're anxious about the state of education as a whole.

An estimated 15,000 Kentucky teachers, school employees and their supporters gathered outside the Kentucky Education Association in Frankfort on Monday, filling the street blocks from the Capitol, overcrowding the Rotunda, and lining the hallways near the House and Senate chambers in response to the pension overhaul that was announced late last week. Oklahoma is among the bottom three states in terms of teachers' salaries. The regional average was $48,450. "That's something that everybody ought to be concerned about and teachers ought to raise their voice, whether they end up walking out of the classroom or not".

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"Arizona is last in teacher pay". In both states - also in West Virginia - the governors are Republicans, and the legislatures are controlled by this party, which is opposed to tax increases. Some classrooms don't have enough textbooks, and some of those books are more than 20 years old, she said.

News 4 also spoke with House majority leader Rep. Jon Echols, R-Oklahoma City.

A walkout by more than 30,000 educators in Oklahoma, whose teachers rank among the lowest-paid in the United States, forced the cancellation of classes for some 500,000 of the state's 700,000 public school students on Monday, union officials said.

Unions in Arizona and North Carolina are taking steps toward possible actions over pay and benefits, The Wall Street Journal reported. They brought pent-up with them frustration after years of budget cuts, swelling class sizes and a decade without a raise.

Pat Ritter, a retired first-grade teacher from Enid, was at the Capitol on Wednesday with her former principal in Enid, Beverly James. "It's hard to imagine a more volatile funding source other than capital gains and to have an entire program that is based on HB1010, 50 percent of the revenue came from oil and gas".

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He was referencing an interview Gov. Mary Fallin gave CBS on Tuesday in which she likened teachers asking for raises to teenagers asking for new cars.

"We just need to do better as far as the Legislature and who we vote in", Turner said Tuesday after joining the protest outside the Oklahoma Capitol.

"We don't want public education to receive any cuts", she said. Wood said that after teaching in Oklahoma for seven years, this most likely will be her last year.

But Priest said the funding still falls short of fixing problems such as "classrooms with more students than desks, duct-taped text books, and schools that are only heated to 60 degrees". "We're hopeful. We're very hopeful".

"I think it's wonderful", said Katy Hoke, a teacher in nearby Yukon who, with her three kids, sat on the grass munching sandwiches. "We're seeing teachers walk out now" Elk told Goodman.

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Andrew Beaver, 32, a middle school math teacher in Louisville, Kentucky, said he was open to changes in teacher retirement programs, such as potentially asking teachers to work to an older age before drawing down benefits; now, some Kentucky teachers are eligible for retirement around age 50. She carried a sign that read "Teachers made your job possible".

Oklahoma teachers walk out for 2nd day over for higher pay, funding