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Emily Blunt fell in love with John Krasinski 'disarmingly soon'

06 April 2018

If the above wasn't enough of a challenge for viewers, Krasinski and his co-writers (also the story creators) Bryan Woods and Scott Beck take the highly dicey gamble of including roughly just four pages of actual spoken dialogue with the remainder delivered in sign language (along with those always fun subtitles), ambient noise, complete dead silence and about two minutes of traditional action/horror movie audio.

Speaking of their lives-and yes, this is nitpicky, but you're the one reading a film review, so I assume you're down with that-Krasinski and Blunt had three young children while setting up their post-apocalyptic farm oasis, yet they have a fully functional garden, an intricate security system, a tricked out surveillance center, sand trails leading all around their land and into the nearby town where they gather supplies (sand is quieter to walk on, you see) ... Krasinski has a good laugh by focusing the camera on these objects a couple seconds too long, taunting the audience to underestimate the loud pumps of a washing machine. How did you come up with this premise?

Not being a fan of the horror genre at all, I had reservations about this film.

As Emily recounts, she was sitting at dinner with her mysterious friend ~Greg~ when he said: "Oh my gosh, that's my friend, John". What's your creature look like?' How do you do anything new anymore, with the amount of movies that have been made?

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A Quiet Place is essentially a monster-in-the-house yarn.

What kinds of things did you watch for inspiration?

"And I said, 'What do you mean?'" Krasinski said. There's also a terrifying sequence in a grain silo, reminiscent of the movie "Witness", and an errant nail sticking out of a wooden plank is used quite (ouch) effectively.

Krasinski, who plays Lee Abbott, discussed the film, its characters and their nail-biting journey hiding from deadly creatures on March 23 with journalists from 15 college newspapers across the country. But I think if we pulled music out completely, then all of a sudden people are like, 'what is this? "Obviously we work in life as a couple, we adore being with each other".

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A Quiet Place can't really be faulted. We really creatively aligned ourselves. "So that's the tactic I took there". Which is all, I'm sure, in no small part from casting Blunt, who remains exceptional in everything, so expressive and warm and formidable. Because one of the things I learned early on in my career is, one of the heads of marketing of a movie I did said, 'The biggest misconception Hollywood has is audiences are stupid. Originally, though, he just signed, "I love you". Our writing process is very much that. "Perfect." And then I said, "Yeah".

A Quiet Place strikes a special chord because this is not just another monster movie. Every encounter with these creatures feels truly risky. You have to find your moments of silence where you can start building that suspense.

One recommendation? Don't. Recline your seat as far back as it goes, and enjoy the best pure, "straightforward" monster movie this side of "Jurassic Park". The family seems retrograde in its gender roles, though this will be reversed by the film's end, when the deaf daughter (Wonderstruck's Millicent Simmonds) proves both resourceful and courageous.

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Emily Blunt fell in love with John Krasinski 'disarmingly soon'