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After Demands Are Rebuffed, Oklahoma Teachers Union Issues New Demand

12 April 2018

Oklahoma teachers have joined a revolt that started in West Virginia, where educators walked out for nine classroom days and ultimately secured a 5-percent raise.

The countless teachers I encountered during my schooling in Oklahoma made our education their goal, whether by bringing their own electronics to class like TVs and radios, or buying our supplies when there were kids in need of them.

A strike by Oklahoma educators demanding more school funding extended to a 10th day on Wednesday, as the state's Republican leaders warned they planned no further increases after approving $450 million in new revenue to boost teacher pay. Republican Gov. Mary Fallin defied them and signed the measure, while urging lawmakers to turn to other business.

"I'm not going to say what that date is", said Derek Harris, a teacher at Dietz K-8 School in Tucson.

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"We absolutely expect there to be as many teachers here Monday and Tuesday, if necessary, and Wednesday and Thursday", said Alicia Priest, president of the teachers union.

However, Republicans in the State House of Representatives don't appear to be listening.

"I think we need to stay focused on what's right for kids".

"In Oklahoma, the teachers are just like you".

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"I feel like us not being here and the threat of graduation being postponed is a very good threat", Kelly Webster, senior said. To make us forget the struggles in our own backyard, he wants us to be constantly united against others-immigrants, Muslims, the Middle East as a whole. I think most people forget why we became teachers in the first place. And in Kentucky, where teachers marched on their Capitol last week over proposed changes to their pension plans, Republican Gov. Matt Bevin said Monday he plans to veto a tax increase created to boost funding for public education.

Karvelis said earlier that the group sees no choice but to move to walkouts. The minimum salary for a first-year teacher is now $31,600, state data shows. I'm walking for my students. "All of this would improve their education".

Morgan teaches 2nd grade at Chisholm Elementary in Edmond. But the package wasn't almost as much as educators demanded, so major school districts shuttered and the walkout ensued. He stated that the number of students entering the program has practically cut in half. "Show that you care, because a lot of these legislators, they're talking with their mouths but they're not putting any action behind it, so just put some action behind what you say you stand for".

A non-partisan poll released on Friday showed 72 percent of voters in Oklahoma, where teachers' pay has languished near the bottom among USA states, supported the walkout.

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Ferrell believes that the Oklahoma legislature has created a mess and that it will take years to recover, maybe even a generation.

After Demands Are Rebuffed, Oklahoma Teachers Union Issues New Demand