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''Rampage' director Brad Peyton praises muse Dwayne Johnson

12 April 2018

Johnson's remarks here sound eerily familiar to something he told MTV News nearly a year ago to the day. Sure, it's pretty thin in the plot area and if you're not immediately sold by the phrase "The Rock has an adventure with his best friend, a giant albino gorilla", you probably won't be into it, but it's not bad. The film neither aspires to be high cinematic pop art like fellow game adaptation Assassin's Creed nor attempts to break the video game movie mold, a la Warcraft and Tomb Raider.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the 2015 world premiere of his movie "Furious 7" at the TCL Chinese Theatre, Hollywood. He runs the wildlife sanctuary in San Diego, where George makes his home.

Johnson said the action-packed film is built on the bond his character has with an intelligent gorilla named George. One night, however, he comes across a foreign object that fell from the sky and when he touches the box, it emits a gas that infects George making him grow at a rapid pace and become more aggressive.

Davis teams up with Kate Caldwell, played by Naomie Harris (of Moonlight), and the pair try find an antidote.

There are other characters in the movie - some of them are actually pretty amusing, even - but they're mostly disposable in the face of the movie's not-so-secret rush to shut up and get to the mayhem.

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You wouldn't know it from the opening, however, because "Rampage" starts with a sequence that feels ripped straight out of a different movie entirely. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry mutates this gentle ape into a raging creature of enormous size. That doesn't seem to be happening now after a script retooling, however. Rampage typically avoids taking itself too seriously though, and Peyton and his crew similarly favor forward momentum over in-depth plot or character development. If there's more than one person left after 12 questions, they carry on until one person remains.

The action set pieces establish the geography of each scene, especially on a plane.

Ultimately, "Rampage" is exactly what it's expected to be.

Johnson is given a knowing star entrance where we see him from behind and the camera moves in before he turns to speak, and it doesn't really matter what he says.

Johnson's "Rampage" co-star Jeffrey Dean Morgan appeared live on "GMA" April 9.

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In other parts of the United States, the same fate befalls an alligator and a wolf, causing the brother-sister creators of the pathogen, played by Malin Akerman and Jake Lacy, to emit a signal that draws the newly minted "monsters" to Chicago.

An opening of $35 million or more for "Rampage" will most likely be enough to unseat Paramount Pictures' "A Quiet Place" as the No. 1 movie in the US and Canada, after the horror film surprised at multiplexes with a $50-million debut.

Outside of some incredible CGI, he's the only reason to go and see this movie.

Adding more exposition does not make Rampage unique.

Rampage is released in United Kingdom cinemas from 11th April 2018.

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''Rampage' director Brad Peyton praises muse Dwayne Johnson