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Zuckerberg assures Congress that Facebook is not listening to users' conversations

14 April 2018

When pressed on what the impact could be for firms using the social media site, Walcott said he saw no reason for companies to shift from Facebook in light of the scandal.

David Fraser, a Halifax privacy lawyer, isn't convinced that the narrative is accurate.

Facebook is often quite deliberate in its characterisations of "your data", rejecting the notion that it "owns" user data. We use the data that people put into the system in order to make them more relevant.

What's less clear is the state of your rights relating to data that is "about you", rather than supplied by you. If somebody takes digital information, under the Criminal Code it's not theft ...

Kogan built a personality quiz app on Facebook that captured data on Facebook (fb) users and then sold the information to Cambridge Anlaytica, which violated the company's terms and policies.

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"Platforms like Facebook have overwhelming incentives to extract the maximum amount of value and data out of us", Hartzog said. "Over the years I've made nearly every mistake you can imagine". "There are two sides of Facebook, one is Facebook itself and the other is a tool for individuals to share their information with particular people and particular communities". Stressing that there is an online propaganda "arms race" with Russian Federation and it was important to make sure no one interferes in any more elections including in India, Zuckerberg told Congress that his own personal data was "improperly shared". "I should reasonably expect that that's going to work as it is presented to me". Apparently, the pair had their content flagged by Facebook for being "unsafe".

Now that you know the status of your data, what you decide to do with your account is up to you. They said, "hey, we made a mistake", and in all fairness to them a lot of those mistakes were corrected 18 months ago. "They're trustees and take care of our information online and from that flows certain regulatory expectations", Laidlaw said.

A spokesman for Facebook did not immediately respond to a request seeking comment. "Thats under way, I imagine well find some things". I scoff, because that's not Facebook's mission. Forty times the internet mogul told lawmakers he had no answers at hand and would get back to them later. That wasn't the case with mine.

Chances are someone you have corresponded with - by email or mobile phone - has let Facebook's data spiders crawl through their correspondence, thereby allowing your contact data to be assimilated entirely without your knowledge or consent.

Zuckerberg and Facebook should learn from this congressional grilling that they have struggled and occasionally failed in their responsibilities to users.

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On Wednesday morning, before Mr Zuckerberg's remarks, I visited the Cambridge Psychometrics Centre and found some acknowledgement of the harm caused to the university's reputation.

One of the more pressing concerns of Congress during this second hearing was how Facebook tracks user data around the world, as well as those that have yet to even sign up to the site, dubbed "shadow profiles". He also said Facebook was working hard to change its own operations after the harvesting of users' private data by a data-mining company affiliated with Donald Trump's campaign.

According to CNN, although shares of Facebook dipped early Thursday morning, they are still up almost 3% since Zuckerberg entered Capitol Hill to face questioning on Tuesday. "There is nothing that prevents a political party in Canada from using Facebook or any other advertising platform to micro-target people".

When I arrived at Harvard as a freshman in 1991, I was given a brown hard-bound "facebook", the size and shape of a high school yearbook, with small pictures of everyone in my class and their name and hometown.

Laidlaw suggested that Canada needs to step up and follow Europe's lead when it comes to regulation and privacy laws.

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Zuckerberg assures Congress that Facebook is not listening to users' conversations