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Facebook Will Stop Opposing A User Privacy Initiative in California

15 April 2018

Did he tell everything he knew? On Tuesday, he took questions for almost five hours in a US Senate hearing without making any further promises to support new legislation or change how the social network does business, foiling attempts by senators to pin him down.

Most recently, chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg has faced several days of questioning by the US Congress, though the value of the results has been questionable. Buschon explained that he and his mother had a conversation about her deceased brother and later on Facebook, his mother saw a memorial photo collage of her brother come up.

Wired collated a complete list of all the questions Facebook's CEO said he would have to refer to his team.

Whether Facebook employees were working with Cambridge Analytica to refine Trump campaign tactics during the 2016 presidential election.

However, when asked whether he would support specific proposed privacy legislation, like the Browser Act, Zuckerberg hedged and cited what he said was his lack of familiarity with the details.

"Consumers have the right to know if their personal information is being sold and they have the right to easily see what data has already been sold or distributed", said Klobuchar in a statement.

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The site has access to your data and can do with it whatever it pleases, as evidenced by the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica debacle.

The 9% figure seems impossibly high as it would mean that of Facebook's estimated 214 million users in the United States, 19.2 million deleted their account over the past few weeks alone.

"Every single thing you do on Facebook - everything you click, every page you like, every person you interact with - becomes part of how the platform understands you", Samuel said, adding it is used to profile you and target advertisements in manipulative ways. "We're not", Long told Zuckerberg after issuing his warning about Congressional overreaction.

- What are your thoughts on the Facebook data leak?

The 33-year-old billionaire has apologised numerous times and promised to make meaningful reforms to protect data privacy.

Zuckerberg repeated an apology offered in the previous hearing that Facebook made a "big mistake" by not taking "a broad enough view" of its responsibility. Another 35 percent had changed their settings on the platform, presumably to expose less of their personal data, while 28 percent never trusted Facebook to begin with.

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Whether Facebook tracks offline data through devices that have been connected to Facebook at some point.

Also, whether Facebook keeps a backup version of your data after account shutdown. "In general, we collect data of people who have not signed up for Facebook for security purposes", he said.

"It's collected for growth reasons as well", he said, referring to the friend suggestions that pops up for first time users, which is collected from their phone contacts and other areas which includes non-users as well.

Whether some of the anonymous group pages now on Facebook were created by Russian agents. On top of regular accounts, many users created what is called a "finsta", or "fake Instagram".

Whether Facebook is a politically neutral public forum.

Why Facebook rejected a seemingly harmless advertising campaign by a state senator candidate from MI. Apparently, the pair had their content flagged by Facebook for being "unsafe".

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Facebook Will Stop Opposing A User Privacy Initiative in California