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Led coalition fired over 100 missiles, says Russian Federation

15 April 2018

Haley gave Russian Federation a stern warning about the Syrian regime's future use of chemical weapons, a warning she said came directly from President Donald Trump.

'A perfectly executed strike last night. They said that there had been a "full week of consultations" with White House national security team members and allied nations.

The bombardment, including both cruise missiles and air-to-surface strikes, hit Syria around 4:00 am on Saturday (0100 GMT), jolting people awake in the capital's nearby residential neighborhoods.

What was the result on the ground?

The Syrian state has denied that its forces launched a chemical attack and accused rebels of fabricating reports of the attack in order to drum up worldwide support for its fight against the regime. Party head Christophe Castaner called them "necessary and life-saving", and said France could not remain "blind and dumb" in reaction to the suspected chemical weapons attack.

The prime target of the operation was the Barza Research and Development Center in the greater Damascus area, which McKenzie noted was "one of the most heavily defended aerospace areas in the world".

Russian Federation warns of war if Syria is attacked
I mean Donald Trump's polling numbers are sinking, and he is under pressure from the independent investigator into his affairs. The comments came as Russian Federation vetoed a United States resolution to create a new body to investigate the attack.

But after the Syrian army surrendered its chemical arsenal, the Western countries kept accusing the government forces of using chemical weapons, despite the Syrian government's repeated denials that it has never used such weapons.

The suspected chemical attack occurred on April 7 in the Damascus suburb of Douma, which had been held by rebel forces for years in Syria's continuing civil war.

"We don't want to get into a fight with them, they don't want to get in a fight with us", he said.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the country's objectives had been met and that no new strikes were planned at this point but promised to retaliate if the red line on chemical weapons was once again crossed. Weeks later, it became apparent that Iraqis had organized an insurgency, and US forces remained in the country for years. She added that such unilateral military action bypassing the United Nations Security Council will complicate the Syrian conflict.

The British and French officials at the meeting joined Haley in defending their countries' actions, calling the strikes "limited, targeted and effective" and claiming they had evidence of Assad's responsibility for the chemical attack, with French ambassador François Delattre saying the gas attack tested "the threshold of the global community's tolerance".

Whose has supported the strikes?

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"With yesterday's military action, our message was crystal clear", Haley said.

Syria and its ally Russia have denied such an attack took place, and Moscow has accused Britain of helping to stage the Douma incident to stoke anti-Russian hysteria.

She also called on Russian Federation to "honor its commitment" to ensure the Assad regime gives up chemical weapons.

"We can not allow the use of chemical weapons to become normalised, either in Syria, on the streets of the United Kingdom or elsewhere".

The OPCW will determine whether chemical weapons were used, but will not assign blame.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres asked for restraint on Saturday.

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Led coalition fired over 100 missiles, says Russian Federation