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Facebook tracks data from non-users, and keeps it from them

17 April 2018

The money has been mostly spent on security guards and private flights, which not only give Zuckerberg safety but also provides him with a degree of privacy.

Facebook Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on April 11, 2018. Zuckerberg said "no". He also said that he would not like anyone to know who he had called and messaged a week before the hearing.

In all, Zuckerberg attended almost 10 hours of hearings. This suggests that Facebook is facing a real political challenge, if not crisis, instead of partisan attacks against its business practices.

Switching his signature grey t-shirt for a dark suit, Zuckerberg was probed by Senators on Facebook and its approach to privacy, as well as the impact it had on the 2016 Presidential election. To put that in context, Facebook could theoretically owe $8 billion for one single day of a violation affecting all of its American users.

Opening the session, the House panel's chairman, Representative Greg Walden, Republican of OR, called Facebook an "American success story".

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The data leak, which came to light last month and has since resulted in a dramatic fall off in Facebook's share price, has angered lawmakers, social media users and advertisers.

It has been reported by Open Democracy that Cambridge Analytica's parent company, Strategic Communication Laboratories, owned by the Billionaire Robert Mercer, is also involved with military propaganda, and has previously undertaken operations in Russian Federation on behalf of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

Instead, his and his staff's recent conversations with Facebook employees have been business as usual - little more than routine discussions about "pulling data" to better target ads, he said. Users can also remove the ones they don't want to have connected to Facebook anymore.

"You said that everyone controls their data, but you're collecting data on people who are not even Facebook users, that have never signed a consent, a privacy agreement."-U.S".

People have the ability to share a wide variety of content on Facebook.

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The question is: how can Mark Zuckerberg create value for an ad-free Facebook in order to survive without advertising? For example, if Facebook user A uploads the address and phone number of person B who may or may not be on Facebook, the site recognizes this input as belonging to A, not B.

Essentially, as Facebook grows in power and is correspondingly thrusted into public policy and societal debates - both through its own doing and others - so too does the public's apparent cynicism of the tech giant. The GDPR prohibits the collection and/or use of any personal identifying data (including IP addresses) unless the user consents, and even then, the use is limited to the goal for which the data is collected in the first place. "They are data collection", he said. While Facebook might not be explicitly interested in specific user data, like pictures of cats and profile pictures or other such readily available information, it is definitely interested in user data or metadata.

The majority of those whose information was shared with the data analytics firm - about 70 million - are in the US. Facebook has long lobbied against the so-called Browser Act.

When Facebook was alerted in 2015 that 87 million profiles were collected by Cambridge Analytica, a data consulting firm, those users were not notified and the process of notifying these users is still underway.

Facebook shows dangers of giving up our privacy
Look, I'm not condoning what Mark Zuckerberg and those working in his Facebook fiefdom did in the mishandling our personal data. That included everything folks had on their Facebook pages, possibly including private direct messages between users.

Facebook tracks data from non-users, and keeps it from them