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Fan Are Convinced The Walking Dead's Season Finale Introduced the Whisperers

17 April 2018

The all-out war between Rick Grimes and company against Negan and the Saviors has really drug out.

John offers up his story easily - eager to have finally found people to talk to after so long - but Morgan takes some prodding before he reveals a bit about his time in Atlanta, Virginia and the war he just finished participating.

Negan took Father Gabriel along his way to the final battle, and while there he made it clear what his ultimate plan was: Pretty much to kill every single one of them. This makes Negan hesitate slightly, nearly appearing to break Negan emotionally, giving Rick just enough time to use a shard of broken class from the ground and swipe it across Negan's neck. As Rick details in his letter to Carl, Carl's own words reminded Rick of who he was, and while facing Negan he realized it was about "restraint rather than revenge and love rather than hate", not only to not lose himself but to create a better future for all of them. But their weapons backfired thanks to Eugene having tampered with the bullets. Her season eight story ends with a confession that Rick was right about saving the Saviors and rebuilding civilization.

Fan Are Convinced The Walking Dead's Season Finale Introduced the Whisperers

Unfortunately, he quickly runs afoul of a local group of bandits before the infallible John swings in and botches a rescue. Negan looks like he's getting emotional again, perhaps thinking back to that fateful moment when he gave Rick one last speech instead of making use of Lucille.

Saviors are getting ready to roll out on Rick's group. Siddiq explains that his mother, who died, believed that the souls of people who have died are trapped in the bodies of the walkers, so killing them allows them to move on to the afterlife. Also, we learned that Jadis' real name is Ann ... so there is that. And for a moment, Negan hesitates, seeming to consider what Rick is saying. Negan fell for it. Negan has been saved and is in a hospital bed, throat stitched, with Rick and Michonne telling him he will work with them to build their new way of life. With ammo depleted, Negan gets the jump on an approaching Rick, knocking him to the ground and delivers some vicious hits to Rick's side.

"Look what you did". For what Rick wants, for what Carl wanted before him, it really was the only way forward. "We have to make it right!" she screamed through tears. "No, he killed Glenn!" "It's not over until he's dead".

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Rick now seems committed to this new world and new vision. "There's gotta be something after", he said, echoing Carl again. Will Daryl actually turn against his "brother" Rick?

Maggie's anger about Rick letting Negan live will most likely play out in Season 9. They visited Morgan at the Heaps, trying to get him back with them. Jesus then offers Morgan a suggestion of using the boring end of his staff on the living so as not to kill them. However, Rick was wrong in his decision not to kill Negan. Negan's alive, but his way of doing things is over.

Dwight ends up leaving to go after Sherry, after being driven out by Daryl and being told never to come back.

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"I guess it's sort of related for Fear for me too".

Daryl doesn't kill Dwight; he gives him a auto and tells him to leave. So I guess Dwight will be just fine.

Tara (Alanna Masterson, center) joins her colleagues in battle in Sunday's season finale of "The Walking Dead". But Rick may have more pressing problems closer to home.

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Rick, Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) fell for it, eventually finding themselves surrounded by Negan's forces.

Fan Are Convinced The Walking Dead's Season Finale Introduced the Whisperers