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Haley warns Assad: Trump 'watching,' United States work in Syria 'not done'

17 April 2018

But the vote at the end of an emergency meeting called by Russian Federation also demonstrated again the paralysis of the U.N.'s most powerful body in dealing with Syria's seven-year conflict. Syria's capital has been rocked by loud explosions that lit up the sky with heavy smoke as U.S. President Donald Trump announced airstrikes in retaliation for the country's alleged use of chemical weapons.

How effective the strikes in the early hours of Saturday were in targeting the chemical weapons facilities of the Assad regime is an open question, as are the claims by the Russian military that Syria took down 71 of more than 100 missiles launched.

At a Pentagon briefing on April 14, Lieutenant-General Kenneth McKenzie said three sites that are "fundamental components of the regime's chemical-weapons infrastructure" were struck.

When announcing the attack, President Donald Trump tried to shame Iran and Russian Federation into stopping Mr Assad from using poison gas again.

Hill says after this attack there needs to be a renewed effort at diplomacy.

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Mr Assad said that he believed that the airstrikes would unify the country, according to Dmitry Sablin who was one of his visitors.

"They are hard for us, but will do more damage to the U.S. and Europe", RIA quoted Serebrennikov as saying.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry Saturday condemned what it called "the brutal American-British-French aggression... which constitutes a flagrant violation of worldwide law".

The Security Council has been deadlocked since last November over establishing an investigation procedure to identify responsibility for chemical attacks - different to determining whether an attack has occurred. It was not clear when the visit would take place.

He told reporters then that "sometimes it's time to come back home and we're thinking about that very seriously".

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Russian Federation said on Saturday it would consider supplying S-300 surface to-air missile systems to Syria following the Western strikes, but this was not discussed at the meeting with Assad, agencies reported.

The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah said Sunday that Western strikes on Syria had failed to achieve anything, including terrorizing the army, helping insurgents or serving the interests of Israel.

Officials said even if Syrian aircrafts were not destroyed in the strikes, their airbases would be targeted and damaged so they wouldn't be able to operate in future.

It's a big institution, but Sayed said it isn't possible that things were going on that he didn't know about. Earlier this year, he began telling advisers that as soon as the USA could declare victory against IS, which has taken hold in Syria amid the chaos of the civil war, he wanted American troops out.

The United States has warned Syria's government that it is "locked and loaded" to strike again if Damascus carries out chemical attacks.

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Haley warns Assad: Trump 'watching,' United States work in Syria 'not done'