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'SEGA Ages' Coming to Switch; 'Phantasy Star', 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Confirmed

17 April 2018

Since exiting the games industry as a hardware producer almost 20 years ago, Sega has long relied on stoking the flames of nostalgia to both please its longtime fans and line its coffers. Here's something we do know, though. AtGames is Sega's chosen manufacturer to provide the retro hardware for the Mega Drive Mini.

"SEGA AGES aims to bring prominent titles from SEGA's legacy catalog to fans around the world", an official message from the company reads. And you (and by you I mean I) can hope for some weird obscure-ass games that no one really talks about, like Chakan: The Forever Man or Eternal Champions. According to a now-deleted Facebook post, AtGames seems to be behind the SEGA Mega Drive Mini as well, which could put a damper on our nostalgic-fueled hype.

European residents with long memories will remember the frustration of having to wait the additional two years until the Mega Drive arrived on United Kingdom shores.

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The new retro console, which you can see in the trailer below, is set to land at some point in 2018, thirty years after its initial emergence in Japan back in 1988.

Nintendo isn't the only gaming company cashing in on its nostalgia with the SNES Mini and NES Mini.

Besides the upcoming mini console, Sega made a number of other big announcements at the FES event. Shenmue 1 and 2, meanwhile, are making their way to the PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year.

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With the project, Sega will release more than 15 of its classic games for the Switch starting this summer. This isn't a new feature for AtGames-produced Genesis clones, but it's good to have regardless. All Sega has confirmed is that the console is arriving in 2018.

Although we predict it'll be "a lot" and "this year".

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'SEGA Ages' Coming to Switch; 'Phantasy Star', 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Confirmed