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Facebook Rolls Out European-Style Privacy Protections

20 April 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation has been formulated to ensure that organisations like Google and Facebook follow stricter rules and regulations amid concerns over how private data is collected and shared.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that Facebook already provides numerous protections that the GDPR does on their own platform, allowing users to control the information that they share with Facebook and even allows users to delete that data. A major objective in drafting the regulation was to give consumers more control over their personal information, insofar as which organizations can use it, when they can use it, and for what purposes.

The most important thing to remember about the GDPR is that it's not a one-off compliance effort like the rush to fix the Y2K Millennium Bug.

The templates, which sit alongside a range of other GDPR resources aimed at County FAs, leagues and clubs, including a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), online training modules and fact sheets, are available on Muckle's web-site.

At most organizations, IT and information security teams have the main responsibility for meeting GDPR compliance.

If people's rights are ignored, the fine could reach up to €20 million (£17m) or four per cent of your global annual turnover, whichever is higher.

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It would be interesting to see how most of the firms are updating their operating procedure and seeking lawful approval from data subjects.

Simple Mantra for all of us - capture what is required - nothing more, nothing less; tell clearly why you need; where and how you will use it; and finally stick to it and keep it secure. Now everyone is scrutinizing privacy policies and putting companies under a microscope. Next month, it will be shifting its data processing from Ireland to the USA for 1.5 billion users so that their data will not be under the purview of European Union law.

In contrast, effective management of the data from creation to destruction, within the parameters of the data governance framework, would ensure data has the same rules across the enterprise, regardless of the business units or processes utilising it.

Moving users from Facebook Ireland allows Facebook some leniency in applying universal privacy protections.

An issue in such events is that each jurisdiction has different requirements regarding the notification of authorities and the subjects of the data breach.

Facebook has a history of making promises about improving privacy protections and then going back on them, Bohm said, noting that privacy enhancements based on the GDPR amount to "low hanging fruit". Data subjects must be informed of their right to withdraw consent. Certain sections of the GDPR are different to the previous EU Directive, and as a result these sections differ from Popia as well. Instead they will be governed by more lenient USA privacy laws, said Michael Veale, a technology policy researcher at University College London. For example, the multiple data recording and CRM systems that operate simultaneously in contact centres don't quite line up with the concept of "forgetting" that comes with the right to be forgotten.

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More than a quarter of all companies are barely aware of GDPR, if at all. That is why the "Privacy Shield" has been necessary - because European regulators considered the U.S. an unsafe territory for the data of EU citizens. As of December of past year, Facebook had 239 million users based in the United States and Canada, 370 million users in Europe and 1.52 billion users in other countries. How does the company now secure consumer data; broader use of encryption might be needed.

Cyber criminals are increasingly making a business owner's life hard when it comes to data security.

Simply put, GDPR enshrines the principle that people are the masters of their own data.

Lastly, it is the responsibility of companies in the event of a data breach to inform European Union regulators within 72 hours of the event, even though all the details may be unknown or uncertain.

Yet it is complicated, and just one example is found in the different windows for notifying authorities in USA states (five to 30 days, in some cases) and Europe (72 hours).

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Facebook Rolls Out European-Style Privacy Protections