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German legislators to grill Facebook manager on data privacy

21 April 2018

"After Cambridge Analytica, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), on behalf of Facebook, reported to the FTC that privacy compliances at Facebook were fine and there were no problems", explained EPIC's president Marc Rotenberg.

The University of Cambridge has rejected a freedom of information request from WikiTribune related to an internal dispute over the work of the academic who is a key character in the data scandal that has engulfed Facebook, though the university said it recognised there was public interest in the information. The app vacuumed up not just the data of the people who took it, but also - thanks to Facebook's loose restrictions - data from their friends, including details that they hadn't meant to share publicly.

It's also worth mentioning that the firm was also reportedly involved in the creation of a digital token called the Dragon Coin.

Zuckerberg pledged to limit the information the platform developers can access and they have to get users' approval. United Kingdom banks have faced a public outcry over the sharing of data through the country's open-banking initiative, even though many banks had already been sharing customer data with partners for years.

The Facebook officials appeared before a House of Commons committee on privacy and ethics in the wake of an worldwide scandal caused by Cambridge Analytica, a voter profiling firm that used data from Facebook users. But the key agenda of the meet was protection of data of Indian social media users and blocking of its misuse in influencing India's electoral system.

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Testifying before a parliamentary committee, Facebook deputy chief privacy officer Robert Sherman said just 272 Canadians participated in a personality quiz that allowed the researcher behind the Cambridge Analytica scandal to harvest the data from those users' wider social networks.

Companies of all stripes should eye Facebook's ongoing public relations catastrophe with worry - and banks are no exception. In the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica situation, Facebook would have been required to have processes to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate those vulnerabilities, and oversee those who have access to personal information through Facebook. However, the Facebook founder failed to give a detailed response when asked about the exact kind of data being collected by the social media giant.

European regulations already require Facebook, starting next month, to let users opt out of certain types of targeted advertising.

Let's talk about that, right now, on social media, while someone collects our data.


No matter what changes Facebook makes, it will have to abide by the GDPR in Europe.

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After Erskine-Smith, Conservative MP Peter Kent said that previous year Facebook threatened to withdraw Canadian investment funding if the government regulated the social network.

The association is one of several lobbying groups in Washington that have criticized Trump's proposed trade tariffs, arguing they will hurt USA consumers and the economy.

Facebook admitted it still isn't sure of the extent of the data that was exposed.

You can download a copy of the data Facebook has on you by going to the General Account Settings tab. I don't know the difference between Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, and have never been on Facebook. After all, if you're not building shared marketplace norms for trust, particularly around how data is managed and insights are derived and used, then you're at risk of somebody else in your industry doing it first.

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German legislators to grill Facebook manager on data privacy