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Google Makes Drastic Changes to Gmail, Incurs Heavy Expenditure as a Result

25 April 2018

All of these features are beginning to roll out today to Gmail users and should reach all users over the coming weeks.

Google is also surfacing several labs features that were previously hidden in Settings Labs, like canned responses, the ability to create multiple inboxes, and a preview pane to customize your preferences for different inboxes. The other - "confidential mode" - gives you the option of preventing the emails you send from being printed or forwarded, and you can also set them to expire after a set period of time. The app will surface attachments and files in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides right below the subject line while you're scanning your inbox, folders and search results, so you don't need to dig through all the messages in a thread to find what you're looking for.

Google's Bank said the overhaul was required primarily to provide offline access to up to 90 days of emails for users who turn on the feature. For starters, the app now includes high-priority notifications that, when enabled, will filter out your emails and only alert you of important messages. This opens up more space horizontally but not all users want this according to Google.

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Gmail is getting major update starting Wednesday. "Confidential mode" includes a number of new options to protect your outgoing emails.

The new design doubles down on an idea that Google helped invent 14 years ago when Gmail debuted: We get such an avalanche of emails, it's not worth trying to delete - or even look at - all of them.

Users can click on attachments like photos without opening or scrolling through large conversations, use the snooze button to put off emails that they can't get to at that moment, or easily access other apps they use often - like Google Calendar and tasks. A Google Tasks mobile app is also being unleashed on iOS and Android. Google says more than 10 percent of Gmail replies on mobile are Smart Replies, and now the technology is coming to the web-based version of Gmail. Choose "Try the new Gmail" and you'll be all set. While the first three were already a part of Gmail's functionality, Snooze is the latest addition and it allows you to put off emails that you can not get to at the moment. In one of the few tweaks which seems largely aesthetic, your list of folders such as the inbox and sent messages as well as tags has been redesigned and can now be shrunk into a strip of icons. A feature called Nudging does just that - it reminds users to respond to messages they missed or ignored.

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So whether you use a Gmail email account as your main email, or you've configured the web interface to handle emails from an alternative provider, you're about to get a lot more functionality from Google's flagship email service.

When you have so many people using software, it can be hard to make everyone happy. The "Smart Reply" feature, which helps users to reply to messages faster and is already present in the existing Gmail app, has been introduced to the web interface.

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Google Makes Drastic Changes to Gmail, Incurs Heavy Expenditure as a Result