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Shadow of The Tomb Raider Official Trailer is Here, No Turning back

28 April 2018

"Shadow of the Tomb Raider will challenge Lara Croft in new and unexpected ways", said David Anfossi, Head of Studio at Eidos-Montréal.

The game is being developed by Eidos Montreal with support from Crystal Dynamics. While I'm not convinced that this series has ever really earned its really, really serious tone, I'm still keen to see how Lara's defining moments play out.

The third game of the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise, titled Shadow of the Tomb Raider, has been through many leaks and rumors leading up to today.

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This led into some familiar elements surrounding Lara traversing the world.

The new rappel mechanic reflects the fact that Lara is a lot more muscular now. Stealth is a huge factor, as the player guides Lara through shadows as she tails two persons of interest. The camouflaged and stab-happy Indiana Jones is on the run from jungle mercenaries, spooky rituals, and other dangers of the profession - all with plenty of her classic tools.

Fans in the New York City area will be able to enjoy a Special Preview of Shadow of the Tomb Raider at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, April 27. Certain areas will feature extensive swimming sequences that task players with finding their way to different areas, while also managing their oxygen and keeping away from underwater creatures.

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Lara goes from being hunted to becoming the hunter.

All in all, Shadow of the Tomb Raider seems like it will be a very tense, emotionally draining experience. Rather than portraying the character as a bona fide badass who can accomplish mean feats without breaking a sweat, they made her more of a sympathetic novice.

While the trailer is pre-rendered and not representative of actual gameplay, it demonstrates that Lara will be an efficient killing machine in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, effortlessly running through jungles and taking out armed mercenaries as if she were Batman.

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The latest trailer continues the trend of trying to create a moral dilemma between Lara being an adventurer and cold blooded killer.

Shadow of The Tomb Raider Official Trailer is Here, No Turning back