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Fortnite Season 4 arrives

01 May 2018

Fortnite Battle Royale servers are now back up following maintenance for the launch of Fortnite Season 4, which saw a cinematic trailer leaked.

With the arrival of the Comet, Season 4 also brings us a super hero theme for the season's skins. Developer Epic had hinted that many change were afoot, and a giant comet looks to have wiped out a portion of the game's map.

In the patch notes there's a section that talks about "Hop rocks" that are fragments of the comets which once consumed give the player anti-gravity powers. If you visit the crater, you'll find mysterious glowing rocks, though there is a lot more to investigate and experience in Season 4. And keep in mind Fortnite is free, so if you don't like it, you are simply out the download. There's also only eight letters and more than eight locations, these are just the ones we've found so far. The folks at EPIC Games weren't screwing around, and the meteor has taken its toll on the once-familiar Battle Royale map!

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New in season 4 is the Hop Rocks location the comet created on the island.

Most significantly, the main map of "Fortnite: Battle Royale" has changed pretty dramatically. There does not appear to be anything to the level of the John Wick skin, though the all-black "Omega" outfit is the ultimate goal.

The crater is now named Dusty Divot, and the shattered remains of one and half of the old Depot's warehouses can still be found barely standing on its outer rim.

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The new Save the World questline is called Blockbuster! There are also some UI changes which are evident, with the matchmaking screen for solo, duo and squads having a lick of paint.

Epic Games loves to release a new season every couple of months.

Season 4 is here and everyone is rejoicing as the meteor has finally crash landed on Dusty Depot, turning one of the hangars into rubble and bringing down anti-gravity consumables with it.

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Fortnite Season 4 arrives