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Trump rips Mueller probe for 'setup & trap' after subpoena warning revealed

03 May 2018

The law firm of Williams & Connolly confirmed that Flood is departing.

Trump had said previously that he would be willing to have a face-to-face meeting with Mueller or his team, but more recently he has wavered on the prospect.

In a prepared statement read to the committee, Caputo said that he had spent upwards of $100,000 on legal fees over the course of the investigation, and that he has been forced to consider moving away from his home in upstate NY to a place where he could make more money.

Trump's attorneys, who have been in active negotiations with Mueller's legal team over a potential interview, said the president had no obligation to talk with investigators regarding the Russian Federation investigation, The Washington Post reported. Former Trump attorney John Dowd had been the team's leader and the only one with the necessary clearance needed to discuss certain issues with Mueller's office. Trump would then find himself either in the entirely untenable legal position of refusing to abide by a court order or in the entirely untenable political position of taking the Fifth Amendment.

It was not immediately clear in what context the possibility of a subpoena was raised or how serious Mueller's prosecutors were about such a move. They are also investigating the president for possible obstruction of justice. "No questions on Collusion", Trump wrote in one post on Twitter.

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Trump has been open about his frustrations with the department for its handling of the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation. Jay Sekulow, another Trump attorney, has since derived 49 possible questions Mueller could ask Trump from the provided subjects.

As negotiations over his potential testimony hit a sensitive point, President Trump complained Wednesday that the Russian Federation investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is interfering with presidential duties.

After the meeting, Mueller's team agreed to provide the lawyers more specific information about the topics they wanted to talk about.

Caputo said the prosecutors did not ask him any questions about the allegation that Trump may have obstructed justice once the probe started and after he became president.

President Trump himself endorsed this line of thinking after Mueller reportedly told Trump's lawyers, who argued that the President had no obligation to talk to federal investigators, that he could ask a grand jury to subpoena Trump to compel him to testify under oath.

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Numerous questions obtained by the Times center on the obstruction issue, including his reaction to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recusal from the Russian Federation investigation, a decision Trump has angrily criticized.

"Regarding the decision to fire Mr. Comey: When was it made? Why?"

Trump has always been saying - over and over and over again - that there was no collusion between his campaign and Russian operatives looking to tilt the presidential election his way.

"I do not believe there was any collusion", Caputo said Wednesday, as he has for many months.

"Yes, sir, it would seem hard", Colbert said. As one former prosecutor pointed out, the leaked questions couldn't even get basic grammar right!

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"They asked me about all my friends", said Caputo, who has worked with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, informal Trump adviser Roger Stone, Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen and others in the president's circle. Doocy asked, apparently missing all of the questions about Russian Federation.

Trump rips Mueller probe for 'setup & trap' after subpoena warning revealed