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South Korean national security adviser in USA, to meet Bolton

04 May 2018

They now pay more than $800 million a year, about half of what it costs to keep 28,500 soldiers on the Korean peninsula, but the Trump administration has suggested they should pay almost the entire cost.

Before meeting with North Korea's "very honorable" (Trump's words) dictator, Kim Jong Un, the president should bone up on the history of that country's duplicity and deception, including ways it has used the wishful thinking of some past US presidents to achieve its objectives. For instance, as a result of the North's missile tests, I voted in favor of H.R. 1644, the Korean Interdiction and Modernization of Sanctions Act past year, a measure to strengthen sanctions and hold Kim Jong-Un accountable.

Neither Trump nor Giuliani offered any details as to why they believe a release may be imminent.

U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey, called on chamber leaders this week to ensure the Trump administration keeps Congress informed of its negotiations with North Korea ahead of an expected summit between the country's two leaders.

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The three individuals - Kim Dong-chul, Kim Hak-song and Kim Sang-duk - are the last Americans being held by the reclusive nation. The agricultural consultant is being held on accusations of having planned "hostile acts", a vague term that has been used to charge individuals with attempts to overthrow the regime in Pyongyang. The genesis of this perception can be attributed to the January 12, 1950 National Press Club speech given by then Secretary of State Dean Acheson, which defined the US sphere of influence from Japan to the Philippines. Why not North Korea?

After studying agriculture there, according to the BBC, he moved to North Korea's capital, Pyongyang.

The three Korean-Americans are Kim Hak-song, Tony Kim and Kim Dong-chul. He was detained in May of a year ago.

South Korea has been working closely with old ally the United States on efforts to rein in North Korea's development of weapons. If true, that means Trump didn't think it would be a problem to start looking at a move that could weaken the U.S.

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The North has historically railed against the the US's presence and threatened to retaliate against the annual joint military exercises between the U.S. and the South.

But as Pyongyang and Washington edge closer together, Beijing has been keen to show it has an indispensable role to play in seeking a lasting solution, concerned its interests may be ignored.

However, a North Korean defector who claimed to have met him said he was a Christian missionary who was doing humanitarian work in the country.

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South Korean national security adviser in USA, to meet Bolton