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Dear President Trump: a letter from the people of Dallas

05 May 2018

President Donald Trump told members of the National Rifle Association Friday that he dismissed warnings that his appearance at the organization's annual convention could raise concerns. 800 exhibitors have now put the finishing touches on their booths at the NRA's annual convention, which officially opened Thursday evening.

NBC showed the NRA meeting on Livestream. Such measures are supported by the NRA. Pence introduced himself as a "Christian, conservative, and Republican, in that order". "Last year President Trump spoke to this very gathering, the first president to do so in 34 years". He further stated that the second amendment is a "right that will not be infringed". "Americans were born free, we live free, and we will die free".

During a wide-ranging speech that touched on gun policy, national anthem protests, Kanye West, the prosecution of his former campaign manager, illegal immigration, and North Korea, Trump said his administration is still committed to protecting gun rights and appointing pro-gun judges. The crowd responded by cheering and shouting USA! USA! Trump stated flailing his arms as his criticized President Obama. They voted for me and we won. Since then, she has been fighting to stop gun violence as her and other local mothers head to Dallas to give the NRA their message.

But both agree gun control isn't the answer.

"Ninety-eight percent of mass public shootings have occurred in places guns are banned", he said. "We must make that difference".

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Pence is pointing to the Trump administration's work to address school security and support for changes to the background check system, as well as arming teachers.

"I believe in background checks and making sure that, that is a law abiding citizen who doesn't have health or mental issues or past crimes", Cheyenne Gunderson with Girls with Guns Clothing.

Despite the venue, Trump's talk of guns was limited as he dived into politics several times, starting with the endorsements for some of Texas' statewide officials who were in attendance. "It would have been a whole different story".

Guy Morin, vice president of the Quebec-based gun lobby group Tous contre un registre Quebecois des armes à feu (United against a Quebecois gun registry), tweeted this cartoon of a van depicted as a firearm.

Avery Gardiner, co-president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, described Trump's remarks on gun control as "shockingly sparse". Instead, he concentrated on speaking to the members of the NRA about unemployment statistics and fake news reports.

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Let's bring in the voice of Liston Matthews of Clayton, N.C. He is an NRA member who was in the room for the president's speech this afternoon.

Gunderson is from California, a state with tight gun laws. We hold our hands on our hearts for the pledge of allegiance and proudly stand for the National Anthem.

"They love their students. Come in and take us", Trump said. The reference to the probe drew boos from the crowd.

Sky News is reporting that Trump made a gun gesture with his fingers and shouted "boom".

President Trump returned to a few of his more vintage talking points Friday.

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Dear President Trump: a letter from the people of Dallas