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US Senate Rushes to Restore Net Neutrality as FCC Announces Death Date

10 May 2018

Democrats in the Senate are using the CRA as a potential method of removing the rules the FCC voted for in December and returning to 2015's Open Internet Order and strong net neutrality rules. And if a miracle should happen and the resolution to eliminate the falsely named "Restoring Internet Freedom Order" passes both the Senate and the House, it still would most likely be vetoed by President Donald J. Trump.

Fifty senators signed the petition to reverse the repeal of net neutrality, including all 48 Democrats, one independent, and one Republican. The audio is below. This is also referred to as the open internet. In this case, it would bring back net neutrality protections.

If they get that last needed vote and successfully overturn the FCC decision, the House of Representatives will have to take a similar measure.

"This is our best chance to save the internet as we know it", Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) said in a statement."It's totally unfair to give big businesses a fast lane on the internet while everyone else is stuck in the slow lane".

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ISPs say they don't need net neutrality regulation and that customers don't need to worry about throttled or blocked content. History, however, says they do.

Net neutrality advocates argue that keeping the internet an open playing field is crucial for innovation.

Layton expects telecommunications companies will sue the states if they try to enforce the protections.

The turnout, which included Senate Democratic leader Charles E. Schumer, D-New York, showed they believe that they could win politically on the issue even if they ultimately fail in their long-shot attempt to reinstate the rules.

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"Americans do not want access to the internet to look like access to cable channels, where ISPs set up paid schemes to prioritize some websites and services over others".

Parallel to the legislative push by the Senate Democrats, activist groups Demand Progress, Fight for the Future and Free Press Action Fund launched the Red Alert for Net Neutrality campaign. FCC boss Ajit Pai today confirmed in a statement (pdf) that his repeal of the extremely popular rules will effectively take effect thirty days from now, almost half a year since the FCC voted last December 14 to eliminate the rules.

Among other things, net neutrality rules prohibited companies such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon from favoring some services and apps over others.

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US Senate Rushes to Restore Net Neutrality as FCC Announces Death Date