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Businessman Beats GOP Lawmakers in Indiana Primary

11 May 2018

Cost is their top priority...

Two years ago, Ohio Republicans spun the number of crossover voters - those who previously voted a Democratic primary ballot - as new Republicans. But there also didn't seem to be a whole lot of evidence that Republicans have to be on the "Trump train" to win elections.

Voters who are not on the permanent vote-by-mail ballot list and want to vote and mail in their ballot can complete and return the application on the elections division website.

Like most presidents facing their first midterms, Trump faces the potential for some bad news in November, but the losses could be even greater this time.

Democrat voters in the 4th District will also vote for the district's next constable.

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Midterm elections favor the committed voter. Compared to the last election in 2016, 55% would vote for Democrats, 27% would vote for Republicans, and the remaining 18% do not know who to vote for or will vote for other candidates.

The Democratic Party is not popular. This is only moving them away from the center where most Americans tend to gravitate, especially as those who voted for the president see their taxes lowered, American hostages returned from North Korea, and most importantly, the trust in votes cast fulfilled.

Cordray, who resigned earlier this year as the head of a consumer watchdog federal agency proposed by Warren and created under the Barack Obama administration, will face Mike DeWine, the veteran Republican office-holder who ousted him as attorney general in a close 2010 contest.

Primary election day in Colorado is little more than a month away - June 26.

"Up until this morning, we had had zero in person absentee voters, but we had a flurry activity - we've had three just this morning, and we've mailed out 23 absentee ballots", Washburn says.

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Overall, the latest generation of adults is negative about the demagogue in the White House. The Washington Post's "Mood of the Nation Poll" in February 2017 shows that only three percent of Trump voters would have voted for someone else if they could vote again, and less than one percent of them said they would cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton. Sherrod Brown, "does not think the way we think. when it comes to borders, when it comes to so much", delivering a message that Republicans hope to hear frequently. Though he joined his rivals in proclaiming himself a conservative Trump supporter, Braun attracted some criticism because of reports he had voted in some past Democratic primaries, which he attributed to a desire to weigh in on local issues. In the new poll, 75% of Republicans say they have unfavorable takes on Putin, up from 56% in January 2017.

"Moderate Democrats voting with Trump and the GOP - to promote torture, deregulate Wall Street and spread hate - are picking the wrong side", said Angel Padilla, policy director for the liberal group Indivisible.

Stepien said Trump would engage in a similar way in future races "if he feels particularly strongly about a race or feels a particular connection to a candidate" but added that would happen less often.

Another city-based primary where Democrats are elbowing each other to snag a win is the race for Taylor's 177th District seat in the Northeast. Republican voters will choose between Allen "A.J".

In race for Prosecuting Attorney, Republican incumbent Brian Gensel took 6,542 votes; Democrat Gary S. Germann got 7,092 or 8 percent more. On one side, Turner said, there has been a pattern of ultra-wealthy candidates, able to spend their own money to clear the field, "whether it's Blankenship in West Virginia or Pritzker in Illinois"-she meant J. B. Pritzker, the billionaire who recently won the Democratic nomination for governor in that state".

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Businessman Beats GOP Lawmakers in Indiana Primary