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Cheney Says US Should Restart Enhanced Interrogation Programs

11 May 2018

Kamala Harris, D- Calif.

But the agency has occasionally been involved in interrogations in its past.

He continued: "He's stabilizing, don't believe what you read in the paper, I was concerned when I went, I'm thinking now about my next trip, no talking about funerals". "I was an interrogator in that program during the most controversial time, and I know who my boss was". "I would not allow undertake activity that I thought was immoral, even if it was technically legal".

Known as the Witch of Buchenwald, Koch was one of the first prominent Nazis to be tried by the US military after she was accused of taking "souvenirs" from the skin of murdered inmates with tattoos. "I know them, I know the threats we face, and I know what we need to be successful in our mission".

But Haspel could face a hard time being confirmed.

'The vast amount of her background can be declassified without compromising what are called sources and methods, ' Wyden told reporters.

"Senator, what I believe sitting here today is that I support the higher moral standards we have made a decision to hold ourselves to". The tweet also contained a link to an editorial from a right-leaning publication entitled, "the Conservative Case Against Gina Haspel".

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Haspels very commitment to the Central Intelligence Agency and its people seems to inform her resistance to a clear condemnation of the torture record.

"They had opinions from the attorney general (on the legality of waterboarding)".

Cheney did go on to express his support for Haspel as CIA Director.

Ms. Haspel is right that before the enhanced interrogation program was created in response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, C.I.A. interrogations usually entailed a conversation or polygraph exam with potential informants or defectors.

She was warned that a pledge to simply follow the law would be insufficient.

Second, as an exhaustive Senate Intelligence Committee investigation confirmed, the unlawful torture program never yielded any intelligence of importance.

The Senior Senator, Dianne Feinstein, questioned Haspel by using inaccurate information that has since been corrected by the original author. She's also served as a CIA station chief four times and has served as the agency's deputy director since 2016. "I do not believe the President would ask me to do that".

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Haspel: Senator, I think I've answered the request, the question.

White House officials persuaded her not to step aside, and she arrived on Capitol Hill primed to defend her record.

But Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump's pick to lead the agency, couldn't meet that standard in Senate confirmation hearing this week.

"Gina repeatedly said yesterday that she did not run that program", he continued.

During Haspel's hearing, Sen. He has given her his support-especially when, according to a Washington Post report, she considered withdrawing her name. John McCain, R-Ariz., are both opposed to her nomination.

At least one influential Republican, Senator John McCain, was unconvinced by Ms Haspel's assurances and dealt a symbolic blow to her nomination.

However, Haspel declined to answer "yes or no" during a tense exchange with Harris when the senator asked whether the use of interrogation tactics that critics say amount to torture was immoral.

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'I do not believe the president would ask me to do that, ' Haspel said, but did not say that she would refuse.

Cheney Says US Should Restart Enhanced Interrogation Programs