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Series Renewed for 70 Episodes

11 May 2018

The show has become a cultural phenomenon since it first aired in December 2013 for Cartoon Network, and to date has only produced 31 episodes.

Following the announcement, Dan Harmon also posted his own announcement video on Instagram, where he and Hoiland can be seen sharing a shower in preparation for getting back to work. It is not quite on the level of The Sopranos on HBO, but it is still surprisingly long for a 10-episode season. If Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland continue to deliver 10 episodes per season, that means we can look forward to seven more seasons of the Adult Swim hit.

The only downside to this is that it'll be a long time before that joke potentially pays off. Rick & Morty as a series has always had a odd production and release schedule. Its most recent Season 3 finale delivered Adult Swim's highest ratings in history and helped the show claim the title of #1 comedy across all of television for 2017 with millennials.

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"I can't live in your shower anymore, like I always do", Roiland told Harmon.

Good news, Rick and Morty fans!

Thanks to the show's vehement, aggressive, and sometimes horrifying fanbase, Rick and Morty is a show that's been well-embedded into the public conciseness.

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'70 more life threatening adventures Morty!

And you thought that they were joking in the Rick and Morty Forever, 100 Years scene and the 97 years to hunt down some of that McDonald's Szechuan sauce series arc scene. Harmon also compares the episode to Black Mirror.

Writer Ryan Ridley, in an interview with The Detroit Cast, said it could be a longer hiatus than usual, since the writers haven't even started on the fourth season yet.

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Because of how Adult Swim's renewal was announced, it's unclear just how many more seasons of Rick and Morty we'll see.

Series Renewed for 70 Episodes