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Bolton says 'it's possible' United States will sanction European companies working with Iran

14 May 2018

The White House backed Israel's claims, accusing Iran of "reckless actions" that posed a "severe threat" to stability in the Middle East. Speaking with tears in his eyes after the signing of the nuclear deal, Kerry shared with USA and Iranian officials, "when I was 22, I went to war".

The siren drills in a number of Saudi cities are not a routine amid the tense circumstances in the region as Iran, through its Houthi agents in Yemen, continues to fire ballistic missiles at populated Saudi cities, which shows the danger facing everyone.

Where do the Europeans stand? Europeans fear a collapse of the deal could intensify conflicts in the Middle East.

Donald Trump exits after speaking about the United States exit from the Iran deal.

Altmaier, in an interview with Deutschlandfunk radio Friday, rejected an idea of compensating German companies that lose Iranian business due to new sanctions, and companies themselves must make "whichever decision is right in their individual cases" in continuing business with Iran. "Indeed, I would argue that they thought they could act with impunity", he said.

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But those assume that the political will is there to arrive at that type of solution. Trump also pointed to Iran's actions in countries including Syria and Yemen .

On the other hand, unlike the situation during the Obama administration, trump is not enjoying the support of Moscow and Beijing on sanctions against Tehran.

Despite the US exit, Britain and Iran on Sunday expressed their commitment to ensuring that the accord is upheld, according to a statement released by British Prime Minister Theresa May's office. This was besides the condition that Iran would abide by the demands of International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect the nuclear establishments as and when they desire. In other words, British officials have promised Trump and Netanyahu to accept their final decision, even if it didn't agree with the JCPOA.

Meanwhile, the US government tried to further pinch Iran's finances by disrupting a currency exchange network allegedly used to transfer millions of dollars to Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

Mnuchin added: "Countries around the world must be vigilant against Iran's efforts to exploit their financial institutions to exchange currency and fund the nefarious actors of the IRGC-QF and the world's largest state sponsor of terror".

"Do we accept that the United States is the economic gendarme of the planet?" This is a formula that is already followed by Europe.

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He said Iran would attempt to save the nuclear deal through negotiations with the European nations who were co-signatories to the deal.

Germany and France have significant trade links with Iran and remain committed to the nuclear agreement, as does Britain, and the three countries' foreign ministers plan to meet on Tuesday to discuss it.

According to reliable reports, the U.S. Treasury Secretary confirmed that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have reached a considerable level of political understanding.

Part of the flaw with the Iran deal that President Donald Trump rejected was it enticed Europe and the USA into economic relations with Iran that would work against holding the country accountable for violations of the agreement, Bolton said.

Now that Trump has walked out of the JCPOA, there is no longer any place for issues such as "complementary" and "secondary" agreements.

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Iran has threatened to resume "industrial scale" uranium enrichment "without any restrictions" if it does not get guarantees that the trade ties which have been established with Europe since the deal was signed will be maintained.

Bolton says 'it's possible' United States will sanction European companies working with Iran