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Google Drive changes to Google One, with extra paid options

15 May 2018

There wasn't anything wrong with Google Drive, and for reasons best known to them, the company announced the release of their latest could storage platform: Google One.

All Google One users will get 15GB of free storage like we now have, but some of the paid tiers are gaining some extra bang-for-the-buck.

In addition to that, you will also get access to Google Experts customer support for any of the paid tiers.

If you use Google services, chances are you use the company's storage, too. A user can add up to five family members to their plan and simplify under one bill. Users will now get one-tap access to live Google Experts - actual humans, not AI bots - for help with any Google product or service. "The way you use Drive to store and share files doesn't change".

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Google is retooling and rebranding its consumer cloud storage plans.

GOOGLE HAS begun rolling out its updated cloud storage plans alongside a change of name. Currently, the 2TB plans costs $19.99, and in India it is priced at Rs 1300 per month. In its current form, Google provides all of its customers with 15GB of Google Drive space (for free) that they can use for all of their storage needs. To coincide with the overhaul, which will only impact United States customers to start with, the service will also be rebranded as Google One. Google also informs me it'll roll out a brand new Android program to help users handle their programs (not their documents).

Google will reportedly debut a new US$2.99/month plan for 200GB storage, plus a US$9.99/month 2TB plan.

Here are all of the storage options under Google One.

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The new Google One plans will start at 100GB for $1.99, just like Drive now does, but there will be an additional 200GB plan for $2.99.

If you're just interested in getting more storage for the money, don't worry - you'll find some new storage choices as well.

The new Google One offering will sport plans with storage capacities ranging from 100GB to a whopping 30TB, so no matter how many hefty media files you've got to store, you'll find an option to suit.

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Google Drive changes to Google One, with extra paid options