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That 'Laurel or Yanny' Recording? Here's the Surprising Origin

17 May 2018

The internet has erupted in disagreement over an audio clip in which some say they hear "Laurel", while others hear "Yanny". Although if you adjust the frequency you can hear "Laurel", although that wasn't the case for us.

The hairs take sounds we receive and turn them into messages for the brain.

"Laurel, and then I can hear Yanny as well", Tricia Grishaw, who works at Sal's said.

It's because the audio clip has two different sounding words at different frequencies.

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"Your way of perceiving speech is nearly by definition right, because it's served you well for all these years, understanding other people's speech", he said.

"When there is more energy towards the mid and higher frequencies, people tend to hear "Yanny". "We have the suggestion of the two choices, Yanny or Laurel, and depending on our perception we respond accordingly".

Szabo had been working on a school project, looked up the word, played the recording - and those who heard it couldn't agree, the The New York Times reported.

While the audio debate may never be settled, it didn't stop Serious News Organizations from calling in expert linguists and making high-tech tools so you can hear both names. He carried out his own experiment by analyzing a waveform image of the viral recording and compared it to recordings of himself saying "laurel" and "yanny". Audiologist Catherine Marino said because they're grouped so close together, it's up to the brain to decide which one to hear. Mindy Kaling says it's "Yanny".

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Dr. Wolfe says hair cells in our inner ear also contribute to the sounds being heard.

She provides another example.

Some of it has to do with what you expect to hear, too.

Next, listen to this clip, which is no longer noisy.

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"You have categories of sounds in your head", he said.

That 'Laurel or Yanny' Recording? Here's the Surprising Origin