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Blumenthal, Murphy Vote To Preserve Net Neutrality Rules

18 May 2018

John Boozman, R-Ark., said in a written statement. Another risk of throwing out net neutrality protections is that consumers could face the Death of Nickels and Dimes as charge add-ons to stream video, game or access social media, experts warn. And if it declared it could have the loss of consumers, competition, and innovation.

Republican Sen. John Hoeven says we need to develop fair and open access to the internet without re-using Obama's net neutrality regulation.

Collins announced her support in January, but Kennedy and Murkowski had been undecided.

Public outrage over the ruling caused the Senate to attempt to strike it down through the Congressional Review Act (CRA). The CTIA, USTelecom and the NCTA earlier sent a joint letter to senators asking them to vote against the measure.

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"With the majority leadership in the House opposed to this bill, the only way to bring it before the full House for a vote is through a discharge petition", Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Penn.), who is filing the petition, said yesterday.

Despite the Senate's passing of the resolution, the measure is unlikely to be enacted.

The measure now goes to the House, where it's not expected to pass.

Referring to a time before new regulation was introduced by the Obama administration, he said: "That's what we're going back to: rules that were in place for two decades under a light-touch regulatory approach that allowed the internet to explode and prosper and grow".

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It's all up in the air at the moment, and frankly, net-neutrality was probably a good thing.

Brett Dunst, DreamHost vice president of corporate communications, told "Today's vote to reinstate net neutrality is the first step to preserving a free and open internet - for small businesses and internet users everywhere".

Senate Democrats, led by Ed Markey of MA, used the Congressional Review Act-an oversight tool that permits Congress to repeal rulings made by agencies such as the FCC-to force Wednesday's vote.

And the FCC, a politicized and gridlocked regulatory commission that was designed in the era when radio was king, probably shouldn't be making those decisions either. Chief among them was the possibility that schools could find themselves in a situation where a service provider blocks an app, throttles speeds on resources from rival providers, or provides faster speeds to companies that pay more.

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Congress needs to reclaim its legislative authority from the FCC, and pass a law protecting consumers and small businesses from the worst-case-scenarios that net-neutrality was created to prevent. That repeal will take effect on June 11, absent intervention by Congress or the courts. Evan Greer, deputy director of the group Fight for the Future, disagrees and said most Americans don't want their cable companies controlling what they see and do on the internet.

Blumenthal, Murphy Vote To Preserve Net Neutrality Rules